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The American Bully breed has 4 recognized classes (varieties): The Standard, The Pocket, the XL, and the Classic. Although it is a recognized breed, many still refer to these dogs as XL Pitbulls , Pocket Pits , and Bully Pitbulls . My Boys a Proven Tri MERLE 🌈 American XXL Bully, hes is here to Shock the Bully scene 💥 He’s only 16 months young and incredibly weighing in at 😱 64kg – 145lbs 🦍 His got loads of growing and filling out to do yet!. Champagne Xl Bully For Stud. Map & Location.

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Beautiful XL Bully Puppies. Temperament, health, and structure are what we breed for – but we also have the beautiful colors that makes an all around beautiful XL Bully puppy. Eye catching colors such as lilac tri, blue tri, and champagne tri – our bully puppies are always first pick quality.The quality you would expect from a breeding program that infuses most of the top bloodlines in the.

American bully xl merle. Blue Iron Kennel specializing in breeding XL American Bully's. Great temperament and athletiic builds.. temperament and size. This litter will be very colorful. We are expecting Merle, Tri Merle and other variances of the blue coloring.. This bloodline was created in the early 2000's and is responsible for bringing height and muscle. EBI Joker | XL Merle Tri American Bully XL World Renowned American Bully Pit Bull Breeder | Pitbull Puppies | American Bully Pit Bull Puppies for Sale. Take a minute to look at our Black Merle Bully female Storm, she has very RARE marble MERLE pattern coat for pitbull bully dogs. Beautiful structure and wild color markings takes after the one and only XL Merle Bully Pit Bull Phantom. Amazing pedigree (Swag Kennels, Bossy Kennels, Manmade kennels, Dela Cruze) and family temperament.

Champagne, Tri, Merle XL American Bully Puppies. Below are just some examples of the coat colors we produce at Bullyfiendz – just so you can get an idea of what exactly you are looking for in an American Bully. Champange Tri. We're going to breed our very own Merle XL American Bully Phantom soon. The most beautiful and huge available Merle American Pitbull / Bullies Puppies for sale coming soon. Here in Swag Kennels we strive to breed XL American Bully, Pitbulls Puppies of superior type with family temperament in different colors like blue nose pitbull, red nose pit. Welcome to the home of the world renowned merle, tri, XL, and XXL American Bullies! We are an American Bully Breeder with a vision and passion for this breed. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia on 300 acres of Bully heaven. We have been specializing for 10 years with American Bullies only producing the best dogs in the World. With great structure, excellent temperaments and exotic colors.

The XL Pitbull, also known as the XL American Bully is a very popular breed known for their incredible size, strength and calm demeanor. XL Bullies make incredible family pets. Unlike a pitbull, the XL Bully lacks the aggressive drive. Our XL American Bullies are bred to be confident, social and protective with an eagerness to please its family. Tricolor Pitbulls, XL American Bully merle puppies for sale, blue XL Pitbull puppy, champagne Bully XL babies, purebred Pitbull puppies, chocolate XL bullies, merle Pit Bull babies, massive XXL Pitbulls and Bullies, blue eyed Pitbull puppy, blue nose, lilac Pits and Bullies, and everything in between! Family raised! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR AVAILABLE PUPPIES & DOGS Champagne, Tri, Blue, Lilac, Merle XL Bullies Our American Bully dogs are perfect companions for people or families who want a pet, a show dog, or a huge addition to their breeding program. Our pups are massive and grow into huge XL Pitbull adults. So […]

All Of Our has been consistently producing the biggest merle and tri color XL Bully/XL Pit Bulls. We were the 1st to produce a 150 pound Tri Color Male, We produced the biggest merle tri XL Bully in the World 160 Pound Omega and have produced several other 150-160 pound tri Males. No other kennel can say that. Our Merle XL & XXL American bully pit bull puppies are out of this world gorgeous! We have some of the biggest merle bully blood. This strikingly beautiful coloration is quickly becoming a passion for us. When you get a HoggLineTX merle from our texas kennel, you are getting a next level merle bully. The merlecolor is a new dominate color mutation and something we here at Riverside County Pitbulls are extremely excited about incorperating in to our program. The merle gene is a Dominate color Mutation and unlike the Tri gene it does Not require both parents to carry the gene to be expressed visually witch makes it […]

8. a xl or xxl american bully is as much companyas you could want and nevermore. 9. xl xxl american bullys/lilac 7 blue pitbulls are thickskinned and stoic, you vet will thank you. 10. you can love a xl xxl american bully pitbull as hard as you like, they can take it and they will love you back more than you can imagine. Mâles Americain Bully XL. Tous les mâles XL de l'élevage; Némo Mâle American Bully XL Bleu Pan Blanc; Dom Pé Mâle American Bully XL Lilac; Mojo Mâle American Bully XL Bleu Merle A Leader In The Industry. The first breeder to breed Merle tricolor American bullies in Canada and from the prestigious lines of Louis V and 2011 bully of the year Grand Champion Boston George, Handsome Boy Kennels is on the front line of Merle breeding in American bullies and are truly blessed to share our passion for these beautiful animals with you.

He is an 8 month old tri merle xl American bully. He comes from a very strong bossy line. With papers. More information about his parents and where he comes from will be given upon request.. He has been raised with children so he is very gentle and he is trained. Only having Thank you for your interest in our XL American Bullies! Outlaw Kennels is owned and operated by Jr. Jean and Jill Parker. We are located in the beautiful rural area of Blum, Texas (a little over an hour from Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, and Garland, TX). We are breeders XL American Bullies . Operating since […] While structure, health, temperament, and function are always the first and foremost important considerations when breeding, we have also dogs that are amazingly beautiful.I consider my dogs the total package. And our dogs Always produce puppies that meet or exceed all expectations of what an XL American Bully should be. We do not breed for color, however, color is a plus for us.

XL Merle Pitbull American Bully Puppies Worldwide Our American Bully Puppies will exceed all of your very high standards and expectations. We take pride in creating XL American Bully puppies that are loved all around the world. Quality means more than just a handsome puppy, however.

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