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Belgian Malinois puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Find the perfect Belgian Malinois puppy for sale at Factors That Influence Belgian Malinois Cost. You need to consider the quality of the lines, genetic history, AI (artificial insemination), surgery (if needed for delivery), health care, extra attention and time for 24/7 puppy monitoring, additional veterinarian fees, registration fees, local breeding permits, local and state taxes, training if.

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The Malinois (/ ˈ m æ l ɪ n w ɑː /; French: ) is a medium-to-large breed of dog, sometimes classified as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd dog rather than as a separate breed. The name Malinois is derived from Malines, the French name for the breed's Flemish city of origin: Mechelen.. The breed is used as a working dog for tasks including detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants.

Belgian malinois puppy cost. Cost Factors for Belgian Malinois Puppies. If you’re starting with a puppy, your cost will initially be lower than a fully trained youth or adult dog. They will still be expensive, however, and cutting corners will only buy you trouble. Here are some factors you need to consider when purchasing a Belgian Malinois puppy. Location of Breeder But his color is very beautiful – a fawn color. I only learned that it was a belgian malinois when I started taking him for a walk in our subdivision where I reside when a passer-by asked me if my puppy is a K9 dog and I told him that I do not know. But he said that it is a K9 dog and a with belgian malinois breed. The Belgian Malinois is an active, intelligent dog that requires early exposure to different people and dogs so that he will be accepting of them later in life. The Malinois requires training to channel his energy into useful activities. A puppy socialization or puppy kindergarten class is recommended for your Malinois puppy.

The cost of a Belgian Malinois varies from about $1,500 on the low end for an AKC registered puppy to as much as $100,000 for an extremely well-trained protection dog. The price depends on the dog’s lineage, conformation to breed standards, age, and training. With chicken being the first ingredient listed, your Belgian Malinois puppy will receive a high-quality protein diet. High levels of calcium and phosphorus support muscle growth for the active Belgian Malinois. Balanced nutrition for large breed puppies. An optimal level of Omega-3 fatty acids promotes healthy brain development. How much does a Belgian Malinois puppy cost? A quality Belgian Malinois puppy should be sold between Three Hundred Thousand TO Five Hundred Thousand Naira(300k- 500k). – That is if you are not importing. While inferior Belgian Malinois puppies are being sold between One Hundred Thousand TO One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira(100-150k).

The cost, as with most puppies, will depend on the dog’s history, health, breeder, geographical location and the inclusions. At, an online pet classified website, had close to 200 listings at the time of this publishing, with prices ranging from $600 to $1,500 on average. Trained Belgian Malinois, however, could cost upwards of. The cost to buy a Belgian Malinois varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Belgian Malinois puppies for sale sell for below. Thanks for asking. The price range is from 60k to 85k depending on the pedigree. You can purchase them from a certified breeder in your place. The Belgian Malinois are beautiful dogs and very,very smart however, they aren’t typical family dogs. Im…

The average cost of a Belgian Malinois puppy is around $1,000. However, the price may go even higher if you are getting a trained adult. For example, a top protection canine named Vito is being sold at a hefty price of $65,000. Aside from the above-mentioned expenses, you also need to take into consideration the following: Kennel Why buy a Belgian Malinois puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Belgian Malinois puppies who need a home. Anything Look…Weird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari.. Beautiful litter of 11 Belgian malinois pups born 3rd August 2020. Will only let go to 5* loving homes. There are 7 girls and 4 boys available. Both parents are…

A Belgian Malinois is a herding dog that has similar attributes to a German shepherd, including that it requires a lot of training and attention. If you want to train a Belgian Malinois, you should start the process at a young age.. Between the ages of 4 to 14 (or possibly up to 18) weeks old a puppy goes through a period of socialization. A Belgian Malinois puppy is likely to cost between $595-$2,000 with the average price being $1,000. First-year expenses are around $4,125 and will be about $1,695/year (or $141/month) after that. Through the dog’s lifetime, the average cost of owning a Belgian Malinois is $27,855. Belgian Malinois Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹50,000 to ₹75,000 *The inner attributes and temperamental characteristics remain the same in all the variations, but the standards and quality of the breed improve as we go down towards the Show class. The show quality dog is a canine who is closer to the description of the dog breed that is.

A GSD puppy ranges from $300 – $900 USD whereas a Belgian puppy will cost between $1,500 – $2,500. When comparing a Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd both have similar grooming and feeding requirements, their comparable qualities realistically end there. German Shepherds are intelligent, alert, loving and devoted. How much does a Belgian Malinois puppy cost? Average Belgian Malinois prices bought from reputable breeders range from $1,000 to $2,500. If taken from a pure breed or a champion bloodline, the prices for these dogs could double. Also, buying a pre-trained adult Mal for the purpose of protection increases the price significantly, starting from. A Belgian Malinois puppy with papers, but no breeding rights or show quality costs an average of $1,067.50. With papers, superior lineage, and breeding rights or show quality a Malinois puppy price can average from $3,400 to $9,000.

Find Belgian Malinois Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Belgian Malinois information. All Belgian Malinois found here are from AKC-Registered parents.

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