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Cat Breeds that Like Water. According to The Cat Fancier’s Association, there are many cat breeds that like to get wet, to varying degrees. They include the Maine Coon, Turkish Angora, Japanese Bobtail, American Bobtail, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cat, American Shorthair, Turkish Van, and Bengal cats.. Bathing cat breeds that like water is slightly easier, but you still need to prepare. Bengals, Turkish Vans or Maine Coons don’t usually mind getting wet, so bath time may actually be fun for both of you. You’ll still need to get your kitty ready for the bath routine and make sure it’s comfortable.

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Maine Coon cats love water and snow, which is why bathing a Maine coon cat is an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. In addition, Maine coons are also sweet, affectionate, attentive, friendly and love to play with water. Like the Norwegian Forest cat, Maine coons are considered one of the largest cat breeds in the world, weighing between 6 and 10 kgs.

Cat breeds that like water. The following list of cat breeds includes only domestic cat breeds and domestic × wild hybrids.The list includes established breeds recognized by various cat registries, new and experimental breeds, landraces being established as standardized breeds, distinct domestic populations not being actively developed and lapsed (extinct) breeds.. As of 2019, The International Cat Association (TICA. Despite the popular feline tendency to dislike wall things liquid, there are some cats that like water. If you're wondering which cats like water, we've got you covered. The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds and is known for having a dog-like personality. Some people theorize that their love for water stems from their ancestors spending much of their lives aboard ships. They’re known for scooping water with their paws to drink it.

One of the largest domestic cat breeds and an excellent mouser, Maine Coons are docile, obedient and very attracted to water. Cats like to copy their owners (hence the term “copy cat”) and if an owner likes to be in the tub or shower, they think it may be fun for them, too, Miller said, adding that a longtime Maine Coon breeder even hops. I m a true American, big, hearty, and one of the oldest breeds to originate in the good old US of A. A rugged sort of cat, I m built to survive and thrive with my water-repellant fur and top-notch hunting skills but underneath my brawny good looks lies the heart of a gentle giant. Cat Breeds That Like Water Articles Cats Even thought cats aren't normally fond of water, there are a few breeds that tend to be more attracted to it than others.

Water-loving Cat Breeds. Maine Coon: Often described as one of the only truly American original cat breeds, Maine Coons were once maritime pets. Kept for their rodent-catching ways while aboard water vessels, these friendly felines don’t mind getting wet in the least. The Savannah cat, like the Bengal, is more closely related to wild cats than most domestic breeds, which accounts for their striking coats and distinctive facial features. They can often be found playing with water, and are also one of the few breeds of cat that enjoys being bathed. 6. Abyssinian Cat Breeds That Like Water: No More Getting Torn to Ribbons During a Bath. 2 years ago. by Steve Corelli. Add Comment. Written by Steve Corelli. As many cat owners and lovers can attest, cats and water are two things that do not go well together. With most fur babies, trying to get them to take a bath or even sprinkling them with water may earn.

Like its Turkish Van cousin, the Turkish Angora is known for having a strong attraction to water. #6 – Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian Forest Cat is a naturally occurring cat breed that has evolved surviving many harsh winters in Scandinavia. As most everyone knows, most cat breeds despise water. While not necessarily posing a problem since most felines also know how to keep themselves clean, it does sometimes make it difficult to keep them as pets since they likely dislike being brought to the beach and often tend to hide or disappear often during the rainy season. You may have heard that cats don’t like water. Of course, until recently, you probably assumed cats wouldn’t like scaling rock faces or zooming down city streets on a bicycle.. Plenty of cats have zero interest in interacting with H2O outside their water bowl, but there are breeds that are more likely to enjoy water than others.

1. Norwegian Forest, a cat that loves water. One of the things that most characterize the Norwegian forest cat is its desire for water, being one of the breeds of cats that have no fear of water. So much so, that they are even excellent swimmers despite its abundant mantle. In addition, as a curious fact we can say that it is one of the oldest. What are some cat breeds that like water? 1) Turkish Van. The Turkish Van, which is also called the “swimming cat,” will make any list of water-loving cat breeds. The Petfinder breed description includes a legend that claims that the Turkish Van was among the animals traveling on Noah’s Ark. Cat Breeds That Like Water While it’s true that most cats don’t like water due to the reasons explained above, there are a number of cat breeds who actually enjoy it. Some of these breeds will love spending time near large bodies of water, some will occasionally dip their paws in puddles and shallow pools of water, while others will.

These breeds all disprove the popular misconception and stereotype that all cats hate water. Although these are some of the cat breeds that are known to like water, this does not mean that all cats of these breeds share this passion. Cats are individual creatures, and each has their own likes and dislikes. The Maine Coon comes in on my list of cat breeds that love water because many of these cats are simply fascinated with H2O. But for anyone who has ever owned a Maine Coon cat, then you know these loveable big cats simply do as they please. Some cats simply adore the water and are happy to swim with the fishes. Fish tank owners beware! Meet ten cat breeds that love the water and swim against the current when it comes to getting wet. 10. Maine Coon

This all-American breed ranks as one of the first five breeds registered by the Cat Fanciers' Association — way back in 1906. The athletic and agile American Shorthair is drawn to water play, particularly scooping water out of his bowl, intentionally spilling his water bowl and never apologizing for creating such a mess. Don’t be surprised if he perches on the side of a bathtub or walks.

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