Diarrhea In Kittens After Spaying

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Young kittens are recommended to be desexed after 8 weeks of age but before 6 months. The younger you spay your cat, the less likelihood of an unwanted litter, especially if they are allowed to roam. Older cats who are already reproductively mature can be spayed at any time, although there is an increased chance of risk if they are on heat. Yes.Spaying is harder on female.She should be ok in a couple of days. If not call your vet but I would consider that to be normal. 0 0 0.. The medication ( for surgery)coupled with not eating and then eating now can cause this. Just keep an eye on it. If the diarrhea continues after 2 more days contact the vet. If it becomes constant contact.

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Diarrhea in kittens often occurs against a background of strong emotional shocks. Stress in the pet can cause an early weaning from the mother of the cat, a change in the place of residence, the situation familiar to the baby, conflicts with other domestic pets, and a check with the veterinarian.

Diarrhea in kittens after spaying. To care for your cat after neutering or spaying, keep it in a quiet, comfortable place indoors for the first 18-24 hours so it can rest without being interrupted. Also, make sure your cat has access to food, water, and a litter box, following any feeding instructions your vet gave you. Many cats require medicine after surgery, such as antibiotics or pain medications. It’s important that cats receive the proper dose. Antibiotics occasionally cause diarrhea in cats, so don’t. She also has some diarrhea too. I'll get some pure meat baby food at the store and see how she does. 10-25-2009, 03:22 PM Tama : 1,351 posts, read 3,719,995 times Reputation: 1268. Maybe an x-ray might be useful. Something going on in the intestinal tract perhaps? Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is.

Persistent diarrhea (lasting more than three days) is cause for concern. Your cat might vomit the day of surgery or the day after, but if vomiting continues beyond this point, it's cause for concern. If your cat disappears or hides following surgery, it could mean he's in more pain than he should be, and you should consult your vet. If they were neutered within the past few days and they still are having diarrhea, it would be best to keep them from eating for 6-12 hours if they are kittens, up to 24 hours if they are adult cats. Then feed them a single-source protein such as boiled chicken or turkey, chicken or turkey deli meat, or jarred baby food in chicken or turkey. An estimated 5 million to 8 million animals are euthanized in shelters across this country every year. Many organizations are working to decrease that number by opening low-cost spay/neuter clinics that will prevent more litters of cats that need homes. One such organization is LifeLine Animal Project, an Atlanta-based nonprofit shelter and clinic where more than 25,000 spaying and neutering.

Digestive Upset. Sometimes anesthesia causes kittens to experience digestive upset after a spay. Vomiting and diarrhea are not uncommon. Your kitten may experience an increase or decrease in appetite, though most digestive symptoms should diminish by 24 hours after surgery. My cat is doing the same thing. It's been 5 days since her spay and today was the first day without her pain medication. She threw up food about 3.5 hours ago, then an hour ago she threw Up what looked like frothy liquid then again about half hour ago, more frothy liquid. Now she's sleeping again, cuz it's late, but she was before then started licking her nose a lot then heaving violently. The spaying of female cats is a normal and routine surgical procedure at veterinary clinics and animal hospitals everywhere. After the commonplace surgery, however, you may notice that your little fluffball is acting a little more dazed — and perhaps even grumpier — than usual. Watch out, world!

Though they can come with negative side effects, antibiotics can be a crucial tool for helping your dog or cat fight off dangerous infections. Fortunately, there are ways that you can support your pet, during and after antibiotic treatment, to help them and move towards improved health. We’ve gathered a few important tips that any pet parent can use to help support their furbaby. Caring for Your Cat or Dog After Surgery June 2010. Thank you for spaying/neutering your cat/dog. You have just helped to decrease the potential number of homeless animals in New York City! Although spays and neuters are common procedures, please. • Diarrhea If any of these signs occur, call the postoperative care line. Chances are you know what diarrhea is: large amounts of loose, unformed stool, often occurring more often than normal. Diarrhea isn't an illness but is a symptom that something isn't quite right. Usually a cat's gastrointestinal tract is inflamed when she's suffering from diarrhea, potentially caused by a bacterial or viral infection, parasites or an irritant, such as eating something toxic.

Spaying your cat is a standard part of health care, but it’s still surgery, which can make you worry. Like any surgery, your cat will need some extra care as she recovers after her spay. Understanding cat spay recovery time and the signs for which to watch can help you to monitor your cat. Dietary changes: Any change in food, whether it is the main diet, treats, a medication, nutritional supplement, or edible toy, can cause a kitten to get diarrhea, but it is usually only temporary.Once its body adjusts to the new item, diarrhea typically stops after a couple of days of eating the new food item. If you are regularly providing different foods, treats, etc. then diarrhea may also. All animals can eat normally the day after surgery. Your pet may have a decreased appetite and/or may vomit and have some diarrhea after surgery for 1 to 3 days. So, How long does it take for a cat to recover from being spayed? It takes about 24 hours for the cats to fully recover from anesthesia and regain the ability to regulate their body temperature.

It's really uncommon but sometimes an animal's kidneys can be damaged if there is a drop in blood pressure during an anesthetic, or if they react to certain medications that would have been given during the surgery. It can sometimes take several days for a cat to start showing signs of illness after this happens. There are other possibilities. The vet told me diarrhea happened sometimes when introduced new food. The diarrhea was less yesterday (Thursday)than the day before (Wednesday). Today so far no diarrhea . Skye was spayed on Tuesday, the vet said that sometimes diarrhea happens after spaying because anesthesia… she did a good exam and everything looks normal. She delivered 5 kittens and everything was fine until Momma developed diarrhea – and then the kittens did too! They are 1-week-old and holding on, but are not well. Momma has gone to the vet and was tested, but she was too pregnant to have any vaccines. I called the vet when she developed diarrhea…he has not called back.

Color, consistency, odor, and also the time of diarrhea after feeding can tell a lot about the causes: The rapid development of yellow diarrhea can indicate food poisoning. The increase in temperature indicates the infection of the pet’s body. Vomiting indicates inflammation in the stomach, perhaps the kitten has gastroenteritis.

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