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A dog with striking, sapphire eyes is a beautiful creature! While most dogs are born with black or brown eyes, certain breeds occasionally get the blue-eyed gene. This is most common in dogs with merle or white coats. You may even see some dogs with eye colors that are mismatched; one brown and one blue. Like several other dog breeds, the blue eyes of Shelties are also caused by the merle gene. This gene is responsible for diluting the melanin on random places which results in a patchy coat. This process can also alter the color of the dog’s eyes. Generally, one of the eyes of a Shetland Sheepdog is blue while the other one will be brown or.

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These dogs are usually born with blue eyes and the eye color changes as puppies grow older. It might be surprising for you that green is regarded as the rarest eye color for dogs. The depth of a dog’s vision increases with the increase in nose length. Short-nosed dog breeds possess the ability to form and interpret more detailed images than.

Dog breeds with blue eyes. Sledge dog breed is considered one of the oldest dog breeds. These dogs can be several colors, from black to white. Usually white are muzzle and belly. Eyes are blue, brown, amber color. The dogs may have different eyes – for example one blue and one brown. At present, very popular with dogs Sky-blue eyes. Dog breeds with blue eyes A rare amount of dachshunds has special blue eyes. This color can be caused by genetic changes, but can also be a sign of health problems. However, it does not necessarily mean that your blue-eyed dachshund is sick, because there are also many very healthy blue-eyed dachshunds. Blue eyed dog breeds are rare but beautiful. The blue color of the eyes is not influenced by the color of the coat. Any dog belonging to any breed can be born with blue colored eyes. Have a look at the below list of dog breeds with blue eyes: Border Collie. Weimaraner. Siberian Husky. Great Dane. Boxer. Australian Shepherd. Alaskan Malamute

source / rare and many times the gaze of a blue-eyed dog tends to make an impression however a few breeds display this unique feature and even with those varieties blue-eyed can be difficult to come by the reasons for a dog having blue eyes are all up to their genes however different breeds will have different genes that code for blue eyes some inherit them as a recessive trait and. When you picture a blue-eyed dog, chances are the beautiful Siberian Husky comes to mind and with good reason. An estimated two out five Siberian Huskies will have blue eyes, and an estimated 15% will have one blue eye and one brown one. Typically, the “bluest” part of any blue coated dog is the nose – unlike the coat, the nose may actually have a blue tint to it! Blue coats are sometimes accompanied by beautiful baby blue eyes too. This is especially true of breeds like Australian cattle dogs and collies.

This page lists breeds of dogs that can have blue eyes as an adult dog. Some puppies can be born with blue eyes, but the eyes will darken as the dog grows up. This is a list of breeds that can keep their blue coloring into adulthood even when the breed standard considers it a fault. Sometimes a dog will have two blue eyes, or only one blue eye. Dogs With Blue Eyes: Meet These 6 Dog Breeds Dogs with blue eyes are rare but beautiful! Let’s talk to six dog breeds who occasionally get the blue-eyed gene. 4. German Shepherd Dog. While AKC standard calls for his eyes to be as dark as possible, you can occasionally find a blue-eyed or parti-eyed German shepherd dog. He’s handsome either way, and with his elegant double coat, he’s a pup that always turns heads. It takes work to look this good, however, so prepare for regular brushing to remove excess hair and two heavy periods of shedding a year.

Blue eyes are only found in a handful of dog breeds. It’s technically caused by a lack of pigmentation, and it can sometimes be the result of a genetic abnormality. Dogs with blue eyes are somewhat rare, and we want to celebrate their stunning good looks. Here are a few gorgeous dog breeds that often get the gene for blue eyes. 1. Australian. Whereas with most dogs, blue eyes don’t occur for the same reason. In fact, Border Collies and Siberian Huskies are some of only a few breeds that can have blue eyes for this reason. The most popular reason for dogs having blue eyes is because they possess the merle gene. Blue eyed dog breeds Siberian Husky. This sled dog is a beautiful creature that resembles the wolves. It has almond shaped eyes which may be brown, blue, hazel or parti-colored. Well muscled and powerful, this is one of the rare dog breeds with blue eyes and webbed feet. Weimaraner

Albino dogs, also known as C-series, show a massive loss of pigment through their entire body, also resulting in a pink nose and blue eyes. There is no “pure” albino dog on record, but some breeds have shown significant loss of pigment that result in a white coat, pink nose, and blue eyes. Collies are also among the rare dog breeds that can have blue eyes. The combination of their smooth, long fur, beautifully shaped muzzle and piercing blue eyes, is such a rare combination, that it’s no wonder that Collie puppies that retain the blue eye color become the real superstars of their neighborhoods. 3. Australian Shepherd With Blue Eyes As a common instance, blue eyes are presented in only a few dog breeds.So, what dogs can have blue eyes? Siberian Husky Australian Shepherd Dalmatians Collies Shetland Sheepdogs Great Danes Dachshunds Australian Cattle Dogs The most typical and well-known dog breeds with blue eyes are the Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd.In these two breeds, the blue eye gene is independent of coat.

Most Charming Dog Breeds That Surprisingly Have Blue Eyes. Eye color in dogs is not breed-specific. Blue eyes, specifically, are understood to be the result of a recessive gene. This DogAppy write-up tells you more about these beautiful blue-eyed dogs. Rare and mysterious, the gaze of a blue-eyed dog tends to make an impression. However, few breeds display this unique trait. And even within those breeds, blue eyes can be hard to come by. It’s why dogs with blue eyes seem so special. The reasons for a dog having blue eyes are all up to their genes. Blue eyes are found in a number of dog breeds, including Old English sheepdogs, border collies, and Welsh and Pembroke corgis, Irizarrypoints out. But for these breeds the blue-eyed trait is inherited as a recessive trait, meaning that two mutated copies of the gene are required for the blue eyes to occur.

The Siberian Husky is the most popular breed with blue eyes. The Siberian Husky is perhaps one of the most famous blue-eyed breeds. It’s hypothesized that the ALX4 canine chromosome 18 is associated with the beautiful blue eyes that the Siberian Husky is known for. These pups are a working breed, so if you are intent on owning one, make sure you have plenty of space.

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