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Sizing a canoe paddle against your height Canoe paddles come in a variety of sizes and lengths ranging from around 52 inches to 60 inches in length and usually are in increments of 2 inches. Bent shaft paddles are usually shorter in size due to their shorter, wider blade attached coming in sizes of around 48 inches to 54 inches. Fishing Kayak Paddles. Fishing kayaks are generally the widest kayaks to provide a solid platform from which to fish. The seats also can be higher off the water to increase visibility and casting ability. This means if you will be kayak fishing, you will probably need the longest recommended kayak paddle length, somewhere in the range of 230.

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One of the most common question we receive is "what size kayak paddle do I need". Having the right size paddle is one of the most important factors in having an enjoyable day out on the water. Using the wrong sized paddle can result in fatigue, blisters, and may ultimately cause you to give up kayaking. Then you would stop reading our blogs and that would make us sad.

Fishing kayak paddle sizing. The Kerco Angler Pro is a budget conscious kayak fishing paddle that features a carbon fiber shaft with anti-slip design pattern. The price point on this paddle would typically include an aluminum shaft, so it’s worth noting that this is one of the few truly affordable carbon fiber paddles available on the market today. 3 THINGS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHEN SIZING A KAYAK PADDLE. Although opinions differ with regards to the ideal paddle length for a particular kayaker, the methods for how to size a kayak paddle are widely accepted throughout the kayaking community. Sizing a kayak is pretty straightforward and based on a few different factors. Kayak fishing paddles are designed with a wide, high-angle blade so you can paddle your gear-laden boat with ease. See all of Bending Branches’ kayak fishing paddles. Watch this video, below, for more. Do you have more questions about sizing a kayak paddle? Reach out to our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

In this article, we will talk about the sizing procedure and becoming able to choose the right size of a kayak paddle. Basics of Kayak Paddle Sizing. There are many factors to keep in mind before choosing the paddle size. Those kayak paddle sizing factors include: Kayaking destinations; Type of the paddle; Kayak design; Your physical shape and size What size kayak you need depends on the type, length, and width, based on your height, body size.. finding the most suitable kayak for you with regards to how long, and how big it should be. If you’re looking for a kayak sizing guide, read on!. Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 Fishing Kayak (Paddle… $348.72. Buy on Amazon. Bestseller No. 3. Sizing your paddle is done based on your height and the width of your kayak. As a rule, wider kayaks and taller paddlers need longer paddles . While each manufacturer recommends slightly different paddle lengths based on paddler height and boat width, this chart should give you a pretty good idea what size paddle to look for.

Quick Kayak Paddle Sizing. Sizing a Kayak Paddle Quickly. Hold your arms out in front of you with your elbows bent about 90 degrees in a normal paddling position. Grab the paddle with both hands. Your hands should be about 2/3 the way from the center of the paddle to the shoulder of the kayak paddle blade (where the paddle blade meets the shaft). Length: Your boat width and your height determine your paddle length. Materials and price: Lightweight materials improve performance, but add to a paddle’s price. Blade choice: Your paddle’s blade size and shape affect its overall efficiency in the water. Shaft choice: A bent shaft or feathered blades can also improve a paddle’s effectiveness.. Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide The two most important factors in choosing the right size kayak paddle are your kayak’s width and your own height. If your paddle is too short you may find yourself banging your knuckles on the edge of your boat or be forced to lean with your strokes.

Kayak paddle sizing. A thread on BCKFC spurred this post on, but one of the most important decisions when first starting out kayak fishing, that a lot of people overlook, is choosing the right sized paddle. I know when I bought my first kayak I used whatever paddle came with it. I really didn’t know much about paddling or that there were even different sizes of kayak paddles. The first step in kayak paddle sizing is to know your kayak. For the most accurate width measurement of your kayak, measure it at its widest point. Typically, the wider a kayak is, the longer your paddle will need to be to reach into the water on both sides without putting too much strain on your body. If your kayak falls under the sizes of rec, touring, or performance use the first chart below. Take the width of your kayak on the top horizontal axis, and then take your height on the left vertical axis, where they meet is your paddle size. Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide

The same paddler, in the same kayak, would use a slightly shorter paddle for the former style, slightly longer for the latter. You can see that finding the ideal or optimal paddle length depends of a variety of factors relating to the physical shape of the paddler, one's individual paddling style and the type of boat with which the paddle will. The kayak width’s measurement is usually in inches and the paddle length is usually in centimeters. Aside from these two things, there are also other factors you need to consider before you buy a kayak paddle. 1. Kayaker or Paddler Height. The primary thing to consider in kayak paddle sizing is your height. The Width of Your Kayak. When choosing a paddle, you have to keep in mind that fishing kayaks have become wider in recent years. If you choose a paddle that is too short, you often hit the sides of the kayak. If the paddle is too long, you cannot keep the kayak on track. Almost all kayak anglers I know use a paddle length of 240 to 250 cm.

See our sizing guide to paddles if you are unsure what size paddle to get.. is a high-end paddle that features a carbon fiber shaft for the ultimate in strength and making it a very lightweight kayak paddle.. in my opinion this is the best kayak paddle for fishing. The key points to consider when sizing your paddle are: Kayak width; Paddler height; As a rule, wider kayaks and taller paddlers require longer paddles. Each manufacturer recommends slightly different lengths but the chart below should give you a pretty good idea where you stand. 250 cm kayak paddle – 98.4″ 240 cm kayak paddle – 94.5″ 230 cm kayak paddle – 90.5″ 220 cm kayak paddle – 86.6″ 210 cm kayak paddle – 82.7″ 200 cm kayak paddle – 78.7″ 190 cm kayak paddle – 74.8″ 180 cm kayak paddle – 70.9″ Your body size. Your body size is an important determinant for choosing the right paddle size.

The fishing kayak tends to be wider and heavier than the average kayaks. Due to the wider design, they tend to be more stable. However, you also need to consider which paddle you need. A paddle that can propel a heavier kayak is fundamental for anglers. In the following article, we will be looking at the 5 best kayak paddles for fishing.

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