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Greyhounds As Pets operates on a ‘match making’ system which ensures we make a compatible match between you and your new family member. Dogs accepted into Greyhounds As Pets are first behaviourally assessed for suitability as a pet and checked by a veterinarian. They then undergo desexing, microchipping, vaccination and worming treatments. Greyhounds as Pets. Greyhounds make great pets! They are intelligent, affectionate, laid back, clean canine companions. Although they’re considered large dogs, they’re usually unobtrusive and polite. Male greyhounds average between 65 and 80 pounds; females average 50 to 65 pounds.

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Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) is a reputable long standing adoption agency with over 2000 completed adoptions being a testament to the success of its processes. All of our team, whether it is the person you meet for the first time at an event, the volunteer who visits your home or our rehoming team lead handing over your new dog, are committed to.

Greyhounds as pets. A number of greyhounds become available for adoption each year, and because the public is largely unaware of the magnificent, warm and affectionate nature of these dogs, many don’t consider them as an option for a pet. By generating a more positive perception of the breed, the Greyhounds As Pets. Greyhounds make excellent pets due to their gentle, affectionate and friendly nature Greyhounds make great pets for all kinds of individuals and families! As a breed, they are often even-tempered and laid-back, with a reputation for being “40mph couch potatoes!” CAGED Nationwide – Greyhounds Make Greyt Pets. 94K likes. This page is set up by Caged Nationwide to show just how amazing greyhounds are as pets & not the exploited betting objects the industry see…

Greyhounds As Pets. 2600 W 5th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254. Mailing Address: PO Box 959, Orange Park, FL 32067 (904) 388-6034 . Here you can watch the races of your retired Greyhound. Check your Greyhound’s family tree. Greyhounds are usually fine with the pets in their own family. But they are lightning-fast, and individuals with a strong prey instinct could seriously injure or kill any small running animal. Fortunately, most Greyhounds today are placed in their new homes by Greyhound rescue organizations. This is great news for greyhounds and helps to dispel the myth that greyhounds are vicious – something we know is far from the truth. The Department, through the Dog Regulations 2013, prescribed Greyhounds as Pets WA (GAP) as a training organisation for the purposes of exempting a greyhound from wearing a muzzle in public.

Greyhounds As Pets, Sydney, Australia. 26K likes. Greyhounds Make Great Pets GAP is a not for profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW and dedicated to matching the right greyhound to… Greyhounds as Pets of Northeast Florida Inc. is a nonprofit corporation which provides a unique opportunity to adopt and enjoy the loving companionship of this versatile breed as a pet. The adoption program is funded primarily by the Jacksonville Racing Circuit and the Kennels that race there. Home > Adoption > Greyhounds as pets Greyhound as pets. If you are looking for a friendly, gentle dog with plenty of love to give, a greyhound may be perfect for you. Greyhounds are intelligent, friendly dogs with a gentle and sensitive temperament, well suited to a variety of different lifestyles.

Greyhounds make great pets. They are easy-going, placid dogs that thrive off of human affection and their docile nature and friendly temperament make ideal family pets, no matter the family set up. Your average greyhound tends to move around calmly and patiently making them a perfect companion for the elderly… Browse available greyhounds looking for a home and find your new best friend! Support. Discover ways you can support our work with a charitable gift or item donation. Volunteer. Find a volunteer opportunity and get involved today with Greyhound Pets, Inc. New Arrivals. Below are the newest dogs looking for a home. Click below to see more! General: Greyhounds get along with children, the elderly and people with disabilities, and can live happily with with pets including cats. Greyhounds as Pets. Greyhounds make great pets for all kinds of individuals and families. They are low-maintenance, gentle and laid-back dogs that don't need lots of exercise.

We place greyhounds in homes based on their personality so everyone gets a perfect match. Feel free to ask away and our friendly team will answer all of your questions. A dog adoption day with Greyhounds As Pets is the first step towards bringing a four-legged friend into your life. Pre-assessment days Pets. Greyhound owners consider Greyhounds wonderful pets. They are very loving, and enjoy the company of their humans and other dogs. Whether a Greyhound will enjoy the company of other small animals, such as cats, depends on the individual dog's personality. Greyhounds as Pets Appearance. So what do Greyhounds as pets look like? This breed is known for its sleek, noble appearance. They are generally long, narrow, and streamlined, in both their heads and bodies. They have intelligent eyes, and small floppy ears that will prick up when they’re excited!

Greyhounds Make Wonderful Pets. The Greyhound can have a hard time finding a new home. It is not clear why because they make wonderful pets. Could it be that a general misconception exists with regards the Greyhound, especially the ex-racer? Let’s take a closer look at today’s Greyhound and restore their reputation as worthy companions. Your veterinarian will tell you that Greyhounds are one of the best natured breeds. They make excellent house pets. Greyhounds are smart, sweet, calm, gentle, and loving with children and adults. Being curious and careless are also Greyhound traits. Noses get into everything! Greyhounds run up to 45 MPH (70 KPH) and can hit top speed in three. About Greyhounds. Greyhounds make wonderful pets, but knowing the greyhound's traits as a breed and understanding the background of a former racer are necessary when deciding whether one would be the right pet for you. Race track surroundings are a greyhound's life since birth. Because the racing greyhound has lived such a very sheltered and.

Retired Racing Greyhounds are just like all other dogs but of course they have some unique characteristics. Greyhounds are generally very intelligent and sensitive dogs, that are also gentle and sociable. Greyhounds adapt to life as family pets well. Greyhounds are not a breed that can suit everyone, but if you are a responsible pet owner, have a well fenced yard and an understanding of the.

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