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According to The American Cavy Breeders Association, there are 13 recognized guinea pig breeds with certain acceptable varieties in each of the breeds. They all have distinctive appearances so it’s rather easy for the cavy lovers to distinguish between the breeds. A Tricolor guinea is a short-haired guinea pig that as its name suggests has three colours on the coat. This one is a chocolate, white … Read More »

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The American guinea pig is by far the most popular guinea pigs, in most of the world. It has been so for a long time and is considered one of the oldest guinea pig breeds. This breed is what most people think when they are talking about guinea pigs, as they are so common.

Guinea pig breeds american. Recognized Cavy Breeds. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 13 Cavy Breeds. Click on the links to the left to see a few examples of the many showable varieties in each of the breeds. Not all color varieties are recognized in all breeds. American Guinea Pigs are the oldest guinea pig breeds, dating as far back as 5000 B.C. The American Cavy originated from the Andes of Western South American. They were brought to the U.K. by European traders on South American expeditions. Some breeds produce large amounts of meat (130 to 150 pounds per pig), which may be too much for a small family’s needs. A small breed such as the American Guinea hog may be the best choice for.

The American is the oldest and most popular Guinea pig. Experts believe it was first domesticated around 5000 BC in the Andes. The American Guinea Pig breeds are descendants of the South American Tschudi Guinea Pig breeds. Eventually, guinea pigs were brought over to Europe where royals like Queen Elizabeth I bought them as pets. 3. American (9) 4. Crested (8.5) 5. Peruvians (8) 6. Silkies (7) 7. Texels (6.5) Now you may ask me how a mere number can help you make an informed decision. That is exactly why I write about each of the above breeds in the following sections. What you can also find within this post are tips on choosing guinea pig breeds based on your needs! The Guinea Pig Breeds. So what are the breeds? The American Cavy Breeders Association, in conjunction with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, oversees guinea pig showing and breed standards in the United States and Canada. Thirteen guinea pig breeds are recognized. These are:

The American Cavy Breeders Association notes that the American guinea pig breed is one of the three original breeds shown. The American guinea pig’s fur is straight and the breed comes in a variety of colors. Although an American guinea pig might also be patriotic, the designation American is the breed name in the United States. GUINEA PIG BREEDS There are many different breeds of guinea pigs from long haired to shorter haired varieties. Some owners suggest that a particular breed of guinea pig may have a different personality compared to other types. Please see our comprehensive guide below to accurately recognise the different markings and distinguishing characteristics of guinea pigs to see what breed of guinea pig. An adult American guinea pig could be anywhere between 7-9 inches in size. Their cute round nose is one trait that cannot be ignored. Of course, every guinea pig has a cute nose, but my personal favorite is that of the American breed! Himalayan Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are great pets to have and there a several different breeds to choose from. Check out our guide of guinea pig breeds to learn more about physical traits, behavior, and grooming needs. There are many breeds of guinea pig or cavy which have been developed since its domestication circa 5000 BCE. Breeds vary widely in appearance and purpose, ranging from show breeds with long, flowing hair to laboratory breeds being used as model organisms for science.From roughly 1200 to 1532 CE (the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire), selective breeding by indigenous South American people. Guinea Pig Breeds. The good news is, there are many wonderful breeds of guinea pig for us to enjoy! Ever since their domestication as long ago as 5000 BC, humans have been breeding guinea pigs for all sorts of different reasons (from keeping agricultural stock for food and ritual sacrifice, to breeding for scientific testing and selling to the well-to-do).

The Different Guinea Pig Breeds 1. American Guinea Pig. The American Guinea Pig, AKA the English Cavy, has a characteristically smooth coat. The satin smoothness of this guinea pig’s coat gives it a very attractive shine. These are among the most popular guinea pigs kept as pets. The English guinea pig (aka American guinea pig) This is the most popular guinea pig for inexperienced guinea pig owners because it is very good natured and easy to maintain. It has a smooth, short, flat coat. It can be a ‘self’ cavy (all one colour) or come in a variety of colours and patterns. The most well known breed is the American guinea pig. It is the oldest breed of guinea pigs. It is believed to have been first domesticated around 5000 BC in the Andes. American guinea pig was originally known as the English Guinea Pig. This cavy is still called by that name in several countries.

Guinea Pig Breeds. Although there is no superiority between guinea pig breeds, there could be advantages in terms of hair care. For example, Peruvian Guinea Pigs which means long haired ones and American Guinea Pigs the short haired breed have differences in hair care.It’s more difficult hair caring of a Peruvian guinea pig than American guinea pig. The most common breed of guinea pig, the American cavy epitomises the reason that guinea pigs make such an excellent choice of pet for children. They have excellent temperaments, are easy to take care of and are robust in their health. American Guinea Pig Temperament. The American Cavy has a great temperament, which may be part of the reason why big commercialized pet stores choose to sell them.Those places won’t likely sell small pets that are hard to raise or stubborn and troublesome. We have raised a few American Guinea Pigs ourselves, and out of all the breeds we’ve had the pleasure to raise, we can say that they are.

Crested Guinea Pig – Freedom. Debbi Needham. This is a short haired guinea pig with a single rosette (swirl) on the forehead. There are two types — one is the White Crested Guinea Pig (also called American Crested), where the crest is white in contrast with the rest of the coat (there's no white on the body).

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