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Always check if your guinea pig has left some food in the bowl or not. If yes, then you need to give them less of it and remove uneaten food. Pellets should be given in adequate quantity so that it doesn’t get wasted as stale pellets have very little vitamin C. And remember to clean their food bowl and water bottle regularly. I actually don't use a food bowl for anything. I scatter my guinea pigs vegetables, and pellets around their cage. There are allot of pro's for this method; 1.) There aren't any bowls to tip over 2.) If one of your guinea pigs (I no you only have one, but this is a valid point) is dominant, and hogs the food bowl, this can solve it.

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Help feeding time run smoothly for you and your Guinea Pig with our range of Bowls and Water Bottles in a range of colours & designs. Free Delivery on Orders over £35.

Guinea pig food bowl. My guinea pig can turn over ceramic bowls but can't flip his Lixit nibble food bowl. I think you can pick one up at just about any pet store. 06-03-12, 05:22 pm #8 Guinea pig food bowls come in many different shapes and sizes. The best ones are those which are wide and shallow, as they provide the easiest access for your pets. Guinea pigs have very short legs and may struggle to reach their food if the sides of the bowl are too high. Best guinea pig food bowl: My Top 5 Picks! Choosing the right food bowl can be tough especially with lots of options available in the market. So, today I shall share you my top 5 picks which did the job perfectly for my guinea pigs. STAYbowl Tip-Proof Bowl for Guinea Pigs.

STAYBowl® Tip-Proof Bowl Wheeking Wonderland™ Wellbeing Gift Cards About Us. Our Story Our Range Our Vision & Mission. Selective Guinea Pig Food 1.5kg. 5.99. Selective Naturals Guinea Pig Grain Free 1.5kg. 7.49. Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint 2kg. 5.99. CalPalmy Food and Water Bowl (2-Pack) for Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Chinchilla – Best Bowl to Prevent Knocking Over, Made from Non-Toxic, BPA Free Plastic and Minimizing Waste and Mess 4.8 out of 5 stars 29 $19.99 $ 19 . 99 $22.99 $22.99 If your small animals have become sedentary, use the Rural365 Square Wooden Rabbit Hay Holder to promote a fun type of wellness. It is free-standing, but sturdy base keeps it from tipping so you can use it in any pet cage, hutch, enclosure, or pen as a bunny food bowl, guinea pig feeder, chinchilla food bowl, or dish for any small animal.

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food contains high fiber Timothy hay as well as other ingredients that make this well-rounded recipe ideal for supporting your guinea pig’s all-around health. Natural oils, Omega Fatty acids, and flaxseed support healthy skin and a shiny coat. This recipe has the highest bioavailability of nutrients including DHA, Omega. Some guinea pigs will tip their food bowl over from boredom. My guinea pigs do this as well sometimes. But what I did is supplied them with toys such as socks to lay on (and some filled with hay). Shredded newspaper. Small plastic balls to push around. And even some sticks to chew on. Very decent little bowl for my guinea pig. She loves munching her food from there. It's a very good bowl and it fits the daily amount of dried food you should do for a guinea. Came in 1 day.

Guinea Pig Food Bowl. With Blue Letters. AcmeHumane. From shop AcmeHumane. 5 out of 5 stars (239) 239 reviews $ 22.00. Favorite Add to Personalised handmade ceramic rabbit and small pet bowls YellowDoorStudio29. From shop YellowDoorStudio29. 5 out of 5 stars (25) 25 reviews $ 22.29. Favorite Add to. HAYPIGS Guinea Pig Toys and Accessories – Circus Themed FOOD CRAVING TAMER Guinea Pig Bowl – Guinea Pig Food Bowl – Hedgehog Bowl – Rabbit Bowl – Small Animal Food Bowl. Contact Us. Use the form on the right to contact us. Guinea pig food should be served in a flat-bottomed bowl. Scattered loose on the grass or floor of the hutch is not a good idea, as it quickly spoils. Any spilled food should be cleared away on a daily basis. The exception to this rule is when hiding food as treats, for the GPs to hunt down and sniff out.

An ideal guinea pig food bowl is supplied with the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, but other suitable options can be purchased from your local pet shop.The best are shallow and quite weighty, and as such are very hard to tip over. Whilst your guinea pig is eating, it’s likely that they’ll put their paws right into the food bowl in order to reach their favourite tidbits, often tipping over their. Once they get settled in, you can remove the bowl. Baby guinea pig not drinking water. Baby guinea pigs are nursed for 3-4 weeks.. Serve good quality timothy hay as a significant part of your guinea pig’s diet. Dry food like hay encourages guinea pigs to drink more water. Food they can eat and what they really like Guinea Pig food list April 20, 2015 in Feeding guinea pigs [Auto translated] There is a huge variety of plant you can feed your Guinea Pigs with.

No more wasted guinea pig food! STAYbowl Tip-Proof Pet Bowl is a patent-pending, ergonomic, no-tip pet bowl that prevents guinea pigs and other small pets from tipping their food bowls. This saves owners time and money. With no more wasted kibble to throw away, the STAYbowl very quickly pays for itself. Large Food Bowl. Pellet food bowl for guinea pigs. Ample size for free-feeding guinea pellets. Can also hold fresh food such as cut up veggies and fruit. The material of the food bowl you choose also matters. With options such as ceramic, glass, wood or plastic, you should have an easy time choosing a food bowl for your guinea pig. Avoid plastic though for one main reason. Guinea pigs like to chew on things. It won’t be long before your guinea pig chews on the plastic food bowl you bought.

Lettuce and Greens Food Bowl – 16 oz capacity Made with durable, chew proof ceramic and lead free paint Dishwasher safe and easy to clean Holds: 16oz (or 453g) Dimensions: 6" diameter Quick View Guinea Pig Large Crock – GP-Crock

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