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The care that a guinea pig receives is the most important factor to their lifespan, and a huge part of that care consists in providing them with a healthy, balanced diet. For instance, according to studies performed in the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Veterinary Medicine, alfalfa-based pellets are not recommendable for grown guinea pigs. That means whether you keep cavies indoors or outdoors, they need to be kept in a secure enclosure. Unfortunately, this also means that like any other caged animal, your guinea pig will be living in a limited space, where it'll eat, poop, and create a mess. Another factor that can add to your odor woes is lack of ventilation. Indoor cages will.

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Finding the best indoor cage for your guinea pigs is essential as a good cage will contribute to their wellbeing and happiness. It's important you buy a cage that is well suited to their specific guinea pig needs. In this article we recommend the best guinea pig cages, available to buy in the UK and discuss the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage in detail. Watch our Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat.

Guinea pig lifespan indoors. Do Guinea Pigs Get Cold Indoors If you are serious about keeping your guinea pig warm, having them inside will give you the best luck. This will largely protect your guinea pig from rapidly-dropping temperatures and inclement weather. The coat of a guinea pig can vary significantly in terms of the color, the texture, and the length. The Lifespan of Guinea Pigs. How long a guinea pig lives depends on many factors. This includes the breed, the overall health of the guinea pig, and if it has suffered an accident or an injury. Guinea pigs eat vegetation and do not require water to drink if supplied with sufficiently moist food, but they must have water if fed dry commercial food.They breed all year in captivity. Females bear up to 13 young per litter (4 is average); gestation takes 68 days. Although the young can scamper about and eat solid food the day they are born, they are not fully weaned for about three weeks.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a guinea pig can be anywhere between 4-8 years. However, it depends upon the breed, care, and a lot of other factors. The oldest guinea pig has lived for 14 years and 10.5 months as per Guinness Book of World Records. The average lifespan of a rabbit kept in captivity can be anywhere between 8-12 years. We all know the average lifespan of a guinea pig is about 5-7 years. But, I thought it would be interesting to look at data from everybody's guinea pigs to see if there's a difference between sex, housing etc and if certain illnesses strike at certain times. So, please post your previous guinea pig lifespans like this: Tommy – Male – Pet Store (not chain) – 3.5 years – Hutch In Shed – Illness. The guinea pig should relax fairly quickly when you hold it. However, you should avoid a guinea pig that seems excessively quiet, as it might be sick. Choose a guinea pig with a round, firm body (not obviously underweight or overweight). Its nose, eyes, ears, and rear end should be clean and free of any discharge that could indicate infection.

The average lifespan of a guinea pig is around 4-8 years. However some guinea pigs don’t live that long whereas others make it to a much riper old age. A well cared for guinea pig will have much more opportunity of living a long healthy life but longevity is also affected by their genes. Ridgeback Guinea Pig The Ridgeback is a very cute-looking guinea pig with a short, smooth coat, and a ridge of hair which runs down the length of their body from neck to rear (hence the name). They have stubby little legs, with tufts of hair which only serve to make these furry little animals all the cuter. The average guinea pig life span is around 4-6 years, although some can live as long as 8 years. This is much longer than most other small pets, including other rodents such as mice (1-3 years), gerbils (2-4 years), and hamsters (2-3 years).

Your guinea pig’s enclosure should be at least one metre by 0.7 metres, and 0.7 metres high. If you have two guinea pigs, they will need double this space. They will also need their own, separate sleeping areas, which must be covered. You must fly-proof the enclosure using flyscreen wire or mosquito netting, as this will help reduce the risk. The average Guniea Pig lifespan ranges from 4 to 8 years – the key word is average because it’s important to take into account factors that can influence the lifespan of a Guinea Pig. We hope the following information will help you get the most from your pet Guinea Pig experience. Need the Basics? Start with the CARE GUIDE – Raising a Healthy Guinea Pig.; Is your guinea pig ill? Consult the EMERGENCY MEDICAL GUIDE for Signs of Illness.; Looking for a pet? Do it the right way and Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig! Many people are unaware there are homeless guinea pigs.

Keeping Guinea Pigs Indoors. Keeping your guinea pig indoors can be a lot easier than keeping them outdoors. By keeping them in the house you don't need to worry about changes in the weather. Here is our guide to keeping guinea pigs indoors. Guinea pigs are happy living indoors at the temperatures that we are used to in the home. Guinea pigs might not need to get six-pack abs or a beach body, but they need exercise nonetheless. While guinea pig gyms don’t exist (yet), there are still plenty of ways to ensure your piggy is getting enough exercise.Guinea pig exercise activities just take a little bit of time and some imagination. Baby gates and playpens can be used to control where your pig ventures in the home. Pigs will "root" — dig in the ground with their snouts and forelimbs — even indoors, which can damage floors and home items. To prevent a pig from rooting in your home, allow him to spend time outside each day, so he can root in natural ground.

Guinea pigs and rabbits both make suitable pets. Although a guinea pig is content being in his cage with his buddies until playtime, rabbits are more like cats and dogs, and they like to be out whenever possible. If you have smaller children, a guinea pig offers the advantage of being awake during the day. Wild Guinea Pig Lifespan. Guinea pigs originated in South America, where they were domesticated long ago. Originally, the first domesticated cavies were farmed as a food source. Still kept for the same reason in many areas, the guinea pig variant we are familiar with no longer exists in the wild. The average lifespan of the Silkie guinea pig is 3-5 years. If they are super healthy, happy and active, which yours, of course, will be, then they have been known to live up to 8 years . A good amount of time to accompany a child as they grow up.

Consider keeping them in a warm shed or outbuilding where they can exercise indoors during winter. The ideal guinea pig enclosure will include: A large hutch – the bigger the better. Make sure it’s weatherproof and raised off the ground. A safe and comfy lining in their hutch. Clean woodshavings or sawdust are suitable.

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