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From “normal” names to cute names and even punny names, there’s tons of variety that will work for any owner and any piggy’s personality. These name ideas are great for potbellied pigs, American mini pigs, mulefoot hogs, Ossabaw Island hogs, KuneKunes, Meishans, Juliana, Yucatan, Gottengin, Hanford mini swine, or even farm breeds. Girl Guinea Pig Names: Over 200 Great Names For Female Guinea… Squeaks and Nibbles is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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While we divided the list into names for a girl or boy guinea pig, many of the names can actually be used for both. Pick your favorite or modify one of the cutest names for an adorable name idea. 50 Guinea Pig Name Ideas for Girls. 1. Lily: This is just a sweet name for a guinea pig. 2. Ginger: Ginger is perfect for red-colored pets. 3.

Guinea pig names girl funny. Female guinea pigs make great pets and, apart from buying all the bits and pieces you need for your new female guinea pig, the first thing you'll want to do is to find a name that suits her Whether you have a baby guinea pig or you've just adopted a mature lady piggy and are looking to re-name her, we will have the perfect name for your pet somewhere in our list. Girl guinea pigs love other. Girl Guinea Pig Names. via: 8 thoughts on “100+ Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Names” Rhonda. July 27, 2017 at 11:18 pm My 5 Guinea pigs we raised over 17 years were Piglet (girl), Coconut and Gracie (male and female), and Butterscotch and Muffin (sisters). We dearly loved them, though I developed a terrible allergy to. Our list includes female and male funny guinea pig names as well as some alternative and unusual ideas. We also explore cute matching names for two guinea pigs, or a trio. Browse the selection below to find the perfect name for your guinea pigs. Funny guinea pig names. Guinea pigs might not come when you call, but they still need a good name!

Cute Names: If you are looking for cute names for your guinea pigs, you can apply the KISS rule while naming your pets, i.e., Keep it Short and Simple. If nothing cute is coming to your mind, then you might like to go for Bumble and Bee, Pooh and Piglet, Fuzz and Buzz, Salt and Pepper and Joey and Zoey. Funny Pig Names Finding a funny name for your pet pig is easier than it sounds, and is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone you tell it to! The best way to make up puns is to think of all the words associated with pigs, such as ‘swine’, ‘pork’, ‘boar’ and ‘trotter’, and find names of famous people that rhyme or sound. Unique Guinea Pig Names . Unlike most rodents, guinea pigs are noisy little creatures. Their squeak, which sounds more like a "wheek" sound, indicates hunger or anxiety; meanwhile, their purring can indicate a relaxed state. Guinea pigs' movements like scampering, zipping, and hopping are unique to this species. Get some ideas from this list.

Guinea pigs are one-of-a-kind creatures meant to have special names to fit their equally unique personalities. We’ve rounded up the best guinea pig names for girls, boys, pairs, and several. Black Male Guinea Pig Names. Batman– Why not go with this dark superhero name for your guinea pig? Berry– Short for blackberry. Blackbeard– A pirate name might be a good fit. Blackfoot– This Native American name could be a good choice as well. Blackie– Literal color names can work well. Blackjack– Like the weapon or the card game. For example, if your guinea pig has a lot of hair, "Slash" can be a funny name, and if they have orange fur, "Carrot" is a good choice. And if you have a name in mind that we have not included in our list of names for guinea pigs, leave your comment and we will gladly add it!

Cute and Cool Names for Female Guinea Pigs. So, you've bought a female guinea pig, and looking for a suitable name? Your choice would depend on many factors such as your pet's physical characteristics, behavior, or simply your preferences. Whether you’re looking for cute guinea pig names or just funny and clever names for guinea pigs, we’ve got you covered. Check out our lists and if you’re still feeling stumped, we have some tips for brainstorming your own pet names. Names for Guinea Pigs. We’ve divided the names up by female names, male names, and then names for pairs. Funny Guinea Pig Names. Finding funny guinea pig names is a fun process, as there are lots of different aspects of these adorable animals that can be turned into hilarious names or puns. The word ‘Guinea’ can be used as a pun on famous fictional characters, or geographical places, such as ‘Guinea Weasley’, and ‘Papa New Guinea’.

Many people adopt pairs of kittens and puppies with the idea that multiple pets will keep one another company while their human companions are off at school or work. In some cases, paired pets are expected to mate. Most of the time, though, pets are just pals that may (or may not) come from the same litter. Funny Guinea Pig Names. It's easy to come up with a funny name for your furry friend. Pick a name that plays on their species or their small stature, for starters.. I got a new baby girl guinea pig and we have two others named Sugar and Spice, we are trying to find names to match with them. Help! Brenna/bree . 7 months ago. Baby Guinea Pig Names. Most baby guinea pig names are taken from food items, like honey and biscuits, because they’re a treat to look at—just like guinea pigs. However, you can choose any name you want because it’s going to stay the same even after your guinea pig grows up.

Names for your pet guinea pig can be found with our guinea pig name generator. There are cute guinea pig names as well as plenty of funny guinea pig names. The generator has hundreds of unique names for guinea pigs. Use the generator to find names for brown, white or black guinea pigs. 20. Chomper . This one's pretty satirical because come on now. It's a guinea pig. Pork Chop would also work in this same vein. 21. Rodney. Because I wrote a story about this little guy and he stole my heart.. Clearly, there is no lack of creativity when it comes to brainstorming funny names for your tiny furry friend, especially new baby guinea pigs. Girl Pig Names. Just because she's a pig, doesn't mean she can't also be a princess!. Funny Pig Names. You're adopting a pet pig… I'm going to assume you have a sense of humor! If you looking for funny pig name puns, look no further!. 150+ Cute Guinea Pig Names: Colour Names, Pair Names and More. by Suzanne Day 86. Guinea Pigs. 72 Cute.

There are some fabulously cute and adorable guinea pig names for pairs, with everything from cartoon pairs and film characters to food! We've put together 3 lists: guinea pig names for boy pairs, guinea pig names for girl pairs and guinea pig names for boy/girl pairs.Of course, some of the names could be for male or female but we've only listed each pair in one of the lists.

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