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Boy guinea pigs (also known as boars) are just adorable and make wonderful pets! If you're wondering what to call your new guinea pigs, our list of over 170 fabulous boy guinea pig names will help you decide. It has everything from cute, cool names to well-known characters as well as more unique names too. We challenge you to find a bigger list of boy guinea pig names! Names for Guinea Pig Pairs When you have a pair of guinea pigs you can either choose two names independently or pick a pair of names that go together. This list focuses on guinea pig names that are perfectly paired for your new pets.

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Male Guinea Pig Names from Disney Movies. Aladdin-(Aladdin) A thief with a heart of gold!; Bing Bong– (Inside Out)- Riley’s imaginary friend.He is a pink hybrid of a cat, an elephant and a dolphin. Chicharron– (Coco)- A friend of Hector who becomes forgotten in the Land of the Dead.; Chessur– (Alice in Wonderland)- AKA the Cheshire cat; Dash– (Incredibles)- The middle child of Bob.

Guinea pig names. Funny Guinea Pig Names. Finding funny guinea pig names is a fun process, as there are lots of different aspects of these adorable animals that can be turned into hilarious names or puns. The word ‘Guinea’ can be used as a pun on famous fictional characters, or geographical places, such as ‘Guinea Weasley’, and ‘Papa New Guinea’. This list of guinea pig names runs the gamut of possibilities, from funny and clever guinea pig names and puns to cute and cool guinea pig names. No guinea pig name list would be complete without several names giving a nod to pigs. Guinea pigs aren’t technically pigs, but the names sure are adorable: "Miss Piggy," "Pigfoot," "Peppa," or "Pork. Girl guinea pig names, like any pet names are important. With each girl guinea pig having unique looks and personality, finding a name that’s worthy of each of them may seem like quite the challenge. In this article, we’ll provide you with a host of cute female guinea pig names.

21 Guinea Pig Names That Will Make You Laugh Or Say 'Awwww' Posted by Stacey Venzel. 2 years. Because "Brownie" is overrated, here's a list of fun and unique guinea pig names to fit your rodent friend. If you're like me, your family had a trend going with guinea pig names (mostly food related). Cool Guinea Pig Names. Calvin – it takes its origin from Disney and it is related to a French name Chauvin which means bald. Tulukaruk – it is mostly associated with Eskimo/Alaskan and its meaning is a crow. Abriell – this is a variant of Gabrielle. Guinea pigs are one-of-a-kind creatures meant to have special names to fit their equally unique personalities. We’ve rounded up the best guinea pig names for girls, boys, pairs, and several.

150+ Cute Guinea Pig Names: Colour Names, Pair Names and More. by Suzanne Day 86. Guinea Pigs. 72 Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Names. by Tatiana 868. Livestock. How to Introduce a New House Pig to Your Home. by Ellison Hartley 4. Guinea Pigs. How to Poop, Potty, or Litter Box Train Your Guinea Pigs. by Dave Rogers 43. Popular. Livestock. The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it goes to first! Write different names on a few index cards and place them around the room with some guinea pig food; you can even do this in the cage if it’s big enough. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so! If that appeals to you, without further a due, here are the top 10 most creative guinea pig names we have found (in no particular order). Ok, creativity is subjective. Let’s at least call this ten fun guinea pig names, at least. May they inspire you to great naming achievements. 1. “Caviar”

Cute and Cool Names for Female Guinea Pigs. So, you've bought a female guinea pig, and looking for a suitable name? Your choice would depend on many factors such as your pet's physical characteristics, behavior, or simply your preferences. Here is the list of most popular guinea pig names for males and females. Find the perfect name for your guinea pig. Baby Guinea Pig Names. Most baby guinea pig names are taken from food items, like honey and biscuits, because they’re a treat to look at—just like guinea pigs. However, you can choose any name you want because it’s going to stay the same even after your guinea pig grows up.

Girl Guinea Pig Names: Over 200 Great Names For Female Guinea… Squeaks and Nibbles is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Guinea pigs are very sociable animals, and these mammals are accustomed to live in small groups amongst nature. Therefore, it is not advisable to have a single guinea pig if you want to enjoy a happy animal. In case you want to have more than one, ideally choose two females or two males. Guinea Pig Names – The ultimate list of names for your pet. March 29, 2020 March 14, 2019 by Little Furry Pets. What is a good name for a guinea pig? Probably the first question that comes to mind when you pick up your beautiful new pet. So, What are the best names for Guinea Pigs? Here you’ll find a useful list of names for inspiration.

Female guinea pigs make great pets and, apart from buying all the bits and pieces you need for your new female guinea pig, the first thing you'll want to do is to find a name that suits her Whether you have a baby guinea pig or you've just adopted a mature lady piggy and are looking to re-name her, we will have the perfect name for your pet somewhere in our list. Girl guinea pigs love other. Names for your pet guinea pig can be found with our guinea pig name generator. There are cute guinea pig names as well as plenty of funny guinea pig names. The generator has hundreds of unique names for guinea pigs. Use the generator to find names for brown, white or black guinea pigs. Here are some badass baby guinea pig names for your sneaky little pet. Ninja – If your guinea pig is sneaky and cool, this is the best name for them. Ogelsvie – This name is of Native American origin, and it means fearsome. So if your guinea pig can scare other creatures, this is the perfect name for them..

Unique Guinea Pig Names . Unlike most rodents, guinea pigs are noisy little creatures. Their squeak, which sounds more like a "wheek" sound, indicates hunger or anxiety; meanwhile, their purring can indicate a relaxed state. Guinea pigs' movements like scampering, zipping, and hopping are unique to this species. Get some ideas from this list.

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