Guinea Pig Noises While Eating

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my louis has started making funny noises when he eats, not sure what it is, he had this before and we took him to the vets – checked his chest and everything, but couldn't find nothing wrong with him – what do you think it could be? hard to explain what it sounds like really :/. Two of mine have sounded weazie before while eating, and i. Sometimes, the noises a guinea pig makes can be indicative of serious problems. If your guinea pig makes grunting and hooting noises while he eats or exerts himself, it could be a sign of a heart condition. Certain pulmonary conditions can make it difficult for a guinea pig to clear his lungs, which can lead to noisy breathing and lethargy.

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Guinea pig is stretching and yawning just after a sleep or when it is feeling happy and relaxed. One may notice this behavior while holding and cuddling the pet for some time. Cleaning (grooming) itself This is a behavior one could not miss. Guinea pig stands on its hind legs and cleans itself with its front legs licking its fur.

Guinea pig noises while eating. Animals have their own language has noises and sounds to communicate with others. If you have guinea pigs you should figure out their language, which guinea pig sounds means what. They can tell you a lot, if you know how to listen. When you know what they want, your approach would be nicer and you can build a strong bond with your guinea pigs. Guinea pig coughing after eating or drinking. If your guinea pig is coughing after eating or drinking, then it is probably because they tried gobbling the food too quickly. As guinea pigs can’t vomit food out, they need to ingest the same, and while they try to push the food down from the throat, it creates a sound similar to coughing. Guinea pig sounds and noises may sound similar at first, but it simply takes time and a careful (and caring) ear. Many owners don’t take the time to learn these sounds, so they never really know whether their pet is in distress, hungry, content or just excited to see you and/or food.

Three weeks on she is still sneezing but less and is still a happy pig that is eating and popcorning. Today I went to give them dinner and my older G pig who is 2.5 years old was making a loud noise. I can describe it as she was sounding like she had a cold (very crackly). When a Guinea pig wheeks, you will hear a series of short squeaks followed by high-pitched squeals or the whistle-like noises in between that are often long and loud. If you have a specific time when you feed your Guinea pigs , you will notice that this is the time of the day they usually wheek the loudest. Guinea pig eating too fast. How fast your guinea pigs eat is as important as what they eat. Gulping of food or drinks will create air embolism in them, which causes indigestion. And this air or gas produced cannot exit through their mouth or anus and thus stays in the gastrointestinal tract of guinea pigs, further causing bloating.

Theory 4 is utterly useless. I guess that the person who said it must have never even seen a guinea pig in their entire life. Of course, guinea pigs do not like the day to be too bright, just as much as any other animal! But that does not mean that they while away their whole day by sleeping. If your guinea pig does this, it’s best to stay away until it calms down. Guinea Pig Hissing and Whining. Just like teeth chattering, hissing and whining are signs to stay clear of your guinea pig for a while. Hissing is just what it sounds like, while a whining guinea pig will emit a high-pitched squeak. In either case, your guinea pig is. One of the things new guinea pig owners are most surprised by is the range and the volume of noises that their pets can produce. From loud squeaks to wheeping noises, guinea pigs have some great sounds, some of which have obvious meanings (such as the squeaks of excitement when food approaches) and others which are a little more cryptic.

Finally, a guinea pig who is not eating can be suffering from a gastrointestinal stasis. It is a medical condition when the emptying of stomach and passage of food in the intestinal tract slows down or stops completely. Stress, pain, starvation and dental problems can lead to this condition which can also be fatal. However, if coughing is accompanied with other respiratory problems, or other symptoms of illnesses, or is extremely frequent, then you should take your guinea pig to the vet. Eating and/or drinking too fast. If it happens while eating or drinking, their greediness is the main culprit, and this is nothing to worry about. If you own a guinea pig, you'd be aware that they're capable of making some strange and uncharacteristic noises. One very common sound that you may hear your guinea pig make is a sneeze. While very high-pitched, it still sounds like a sneeze that humans and animals make all of the time.

In Guinea Pig Sounds, the first and the foremost voice of Guinea pig is Wheeking, it is the most popular sound made by them.They use this sound when they get hungry. Wheeking is exactly like you read it, this sounds like a long, high pitched whistle, usually used to show feeling towards their food.Researchers have researched that Guinea Pigs never make this tone in the wild as they do not like. Joined Nov 28, 2013 Location Maryland Posts 4,018 Thanks 627 Thanks 868 Rec'd/749 Posts Mentioned 186 Post(s) Quoted 392 Post(s) While respiratory problems are common in guinea pigs, it’s important that you get it treated quickly since they can make your guinea pig very sick quite quickly. If your guinea pig has trouble breathing, is wheezing, has green or yellow discharge in its eyes or nose, or has been eating less, it may have a respiratory illness.

I've been a guinea pig owner for like a month now. Earlier tonight I heard my piggy eating and then like 5 minutes later she ran back to her sleep sack and started making a low pitched squeak or something like that. I tried to get a video of it but the mic doesn't seem to get it. I'm starting to get worried about it. I checked her body to see if she was okay. Firstly, if your female guinea pig is pregnant, she may suffer hair loss during the late stages of her pregnancy. While this may be typical, do talk with your vet about this, as nutritional supplementation may help. Secondly, your guinea pig’s pups may appear to lose hair as they develop. Guinea Pig Sounds . Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds or vocalizations, some of which most owners will recognize. Contented guinea pigs just going about their day often make a variety of squeaks, chortles, and quiet grunts that also seem to accompany casual interactions.Along with these frequent squeaks and chortles, there are a variety of other quite distinctive noises you might hear from.

To diagnose respiratory problems in your guinea pig, listen for wheezing or clicking noises, which are signs that it’s having trouble breathing. Additionally, examine your guinea pig’s eyes and nose for yellow or green discharge, as that can indicate an infection.

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