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Here are a few descriptions and sound recordings of noises a guinea pig can make. Many people come up with all kinds of different names to describe a guinea pig sound, chut, chubble, wheeeek, rumble are just a few, but I'm sure once you hear the noise and read the description of why piggy is making the noise, you will soon get to recognise what. Guinea Pig is always trying to tell you something. On this page you can hear recordings of guinea pig sounds and noises, and learn their meaning. Cavy is a chatty animal, amusingly interactive and communicative, so you should know what he/she is trying to tell you!

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Purring: Another guinea pig sound is the purr, which may make your guinea pig seem more like a cat. These purrs can have different meanings. A deep, relaxed one means your guinea pig is content, while a higher pitched one is more likely a sound of annoyance. A shorter sounding, apprehensive purr may mean fear.

Guinea pig noises. Unhappy or distressed Guinea pig Sounds. Guinea Pigs also have also developed a repertoire of noises to indicate unhappiness or displeasure. Just as it is important to understand what it is that makes your pet Guinea pig happy, it is also vitally important to understand when he is unhappy or even frightened so you can act quickly to reduce the discomfort or remove a threat. Guinea Pig Sounds . Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds or vocalizations, some of which most owners will recognize. Contented guinea pigs just going about their day often make a variety of squeaks, chortles, and quiet grunts that also seem to accompany casual interactions.Along with these frequent squeaks and chortles, there are a variety of other quite distinctive noises you might hear from. Guinea Pig Noises. Guinea Pig Sounds. Pet Guinea Pig. Great sound clip for video clips, games, commercials, apps. High Quality Sounds. Free MP3 Download. MP3 320 kbps (zip) Length: 0:26 sec File size: 1.03 Mb

Guinea pig making strange breathing noises. The guinea pig may be suffering from some respiratory disease if it is making any unusual noise while breathing. The common causes for respiratory disease in guinea pigs are: Microbial infections (Bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic) An injury or blockage to the respiratory system When a Guinea pig wheeks, you will hear a series of short squeaks followed by high-pitched squeals or the whistle-like noises in between that are often long and loud. If you have a specific time when you feed your Guinea pigs , you will notice that this is the time of the day they usually wheek the loudest. To help you better understand your fuzzy friend, and what it may trying to tell you, below are the seven most common guinea pig noises, and what they probably mean. Wheeking The “wheek” is a high-pitched squeak, which usually means they are excited.

Guinea pigs are very noisy animals, enjoying social interaction and their sounds are surprisingly wide ranging. They will make noises on their own (just as you may talk to yourself, or sing in the shower), they will make noises to communicate with other guinea pigs, and use sounds to attempt to relay to humans any fears or happiness they may be experiencing at that moment. Guinea Pig Sounds and Guinea Pig Noises. Guinea pigs are delightful pets that can bring entertainment to any household. The experience is made all the richer when humans take the time to get to know their guinea pig sounds and their meaning. We hope that these descriptions will make it easier for you to communicate with your furry family member. Learning Unhappy Guinea Pig Noises. It is important to know at this point that learning your guinea pigs noises can greatly improve their wellbeing. This is due to miscommunication between guinea pig and owner potentially affecting their health and happiness. In other words, if you know what is bothering your furry friend, you can quickly fix it.

Guinea pig sounds and noises may sound similar at first, but it simply takes time and a careful (and caring) ear. Many owners don’t take the time to learn these sounds, so they never really know whether their pet is in distress, hungry, content or just excited to see you and/or food. The guinea pig or domestic guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), also known as cavy or domestic cavy (/ ˈ k eɪ v i /), is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.Despite their common name, guinea pigs are not native to Guinea, nor are they closely biologically related to pigs, and the origin of the name is still unclear.They originated in the Andes of South America. Guinea Pig Noises. Guinea pig sounds change, sometimes they tell you good situations and sometimes it means bad news. We categorized their sounds as positive and negative guinea pig sounds. You can increase the volume of your device to hear it clearly.

Guinea Pig Noises and What They Mean Wheeking. A wheek is something between a ‘whee’ and a squeak, and usually happens when your guinea pig knows something good is on its way. This could be dinner, a treat, or affection from his favourite human. Whatever the reason, it means your pet is happy, and that is always a good thing. One of the things new guinea pig owners are most surprised by is the range and the volume of noises that their pets can produce. From loud squeaks to wheeping noises, guinea pigs have some great sounds, some of which have obvious meanings (such as the squeaks of excitement when food approaches) and others which are a little more cryptic. Guinea Pig Sounds. Ever wonder what your Guinea Pig is saying? Try to see if you can match these sounds to the sounds your Guinea Pig makes!! Hungry Pig; Lonely Pig; Happy Pig; Curious Pig; Angry Pig; Keep Away; Ooh Lah Lah; Stressed Pig; Chirping Pig; Send mail to [email protected] with questions or comments about this web site.

Guinea Pig Noises & What They Mean. Understanding the different sounds our guinea pig makes, especially when they need something or when they are in distress is essential. Let us try to understand what are the familiar sounds our guinea pigs make and what those sounds mean: Purring. Purring is a sound that has a different meaning, depending. The noises your guinea pig can make can be very alarming at first as it will be unclear as to why they are making the sounds they make. Often referred to as a ‘wheek’, their squeak is very clearly expressed when they are content, happy or want something, especially food! It is an entirely different noise to the louder, more high pitched. Investigating Sick Guinea Pig Noises Or Behaviors. If you think that your guinea pig is making noises or displaying signs that they are ill, it is always prudent to try to locate the cause. However, this can be easier said than done and it may be better to take your guinea pig to a vet.

The better you can understand your guinea pig's noises, the better you can understand him in general. Squealing. If your guinea pigs makes a jarring high-pitched squealing or squeaking noise, she may be sending out an alert of sorts. She for whatever reason believes that something threatening is on the horizon, and is doing her duty by making.

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