How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Get Fixed

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my vet, and I personally believe that we should wait til around 5 months old for male cats to be nuetered. I have had at least, at least 25 cats in my life because we would take in pregnant strays and we hated getting rid of kittens so we kept the males and the mothers, fixed the mothers and found homes for the females. Newborn kittens are adorable, but also a lot of work. You'll need to decide what to do with the kittens, whether your cat has given birth or you've found abandoned kittens. Giving kittens away is not as simple as dropping them off somewhere. You must care for the newborn kittens until they're old enough to go to a new home.

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The ASPCA once has an ad campaign, saying 4 months is a good time to get your kitten neutered/spayed. 4 pounds, 4 months. A LOT OF FOLKS have no idea that their 6 month-old kitten can get preggers, so having low-cost spay/neuter clinics are a huge boon to having less unplanned litters.

How old do kittens have to be to get fixed. Kittens as young as 8 weeks old can be spayed or neutered, although some veterinarians recommend the procedure be performed between 4 and 6 months of age, according to the Cat Care Clinic. To avoid behavioral changes or issues from developing, it's best to get your kitty fixed prior to puberty. The Cat Health Guide recommends having female kittens spayed by the time they are 6 months old. The Cat Care Clinic of Orange County, California, says kittens can be spayed at 8 weeks but recommends waiting until 4 months to 6 months of age. Nevertheless, kittens can be spayed as young as 6 weeks. Becky Robinson, the founder of Alley Cat Allies, cites research that kittens neutered prior to reaching 12 weeks of age have fewer complications from surgery than kittens older than 12 weeks. Recovery for kittens is usually minimal — your boy may not realize he's missing anything, and he's home from surgery the same day.

While you can have a kitten fixed as young as 6 weeks old, the procedure is usually performed when your little one reaches 8 to 12 weeks of age. Kittens need to weigh at least 2 pounds before surgery, according to Web MD. New cat owners are usually unaware of how old do cats have to be to get fixed. It’s often calculated by how much they weigh. Male cats are fixed when they are around 2 to 2 ½ pounds. This is usually when they are around 8 weeks old. Females are fixed at 2 ½ to 3 pounds. Generally when they are between 8 – 12 weeks. Pretty much their whole life. But I suggest that they be spayed around about 5 to 6yrs old. But remember that at 5 to 6 yrs old you're looking st a CATS age at 35 to 42 yrs old. They can have kittens way after that. But remember the toll and physi…

How old do kittens have to be to get their shots and spayed? We have two three-year-old cats, one is a mother of four 4-week old kittens, three girls and one boy. The two three-year-olds are both female (obviously) and DON'T have their shots, and aren't neutered. How Old Do Kittens Have To Be To Give Away – A Guide For A New Cat Fostering. February 20, 2019 November 20, 2016 by Linda Butts.. And what age should the kittens be fixed because I may be to attach by 12 weeks lol one is female orange with white stripes and the other two are clacio males and look like twins and they are so adorable. You can spay/neuter your kitten once they get to 2 pounds. However, most vets would recommend waiting until they are about 3 – 4 months old but prior to 6 months old. You do not want to wait too long.

I have a 1.5 yr old male cat and six month old female kitten. I understand that a cat can get pregnant at 5-6 months. My female kitten has been in heat, for the first time, the last couple of days. they generally have to be 6 months old to have them desexed, however you can buy kittens that have already been done at the age of 6 to 8 weeks old. Being done at that young age is no guarantee that they can not breed when they get older as they are not fully developed. Six Weeks Old Kitten. The kittens are now proficient at cleaning themselves, having learned it from birth from their mother. They are also grooming each other, reinforcing the bond between siblings. Incorporate grooming into your interactions with the kittens—especially if you have a single kitten, or you are raising a litter without the.

Early Spaying. For an era, the youngest age a kitten could be spayed was generally accepted to be around 6 months. But that's changed in recent years: The ASPCA says spaying procedures in clinics and hospitals are routinely conducted on female kittens as young as 6 to 8 weeks old — well before the onset of the first heat cycle, which doesn't usually occur in cats until age 4 months at the. I have a male cat that is 3 years old. I also have two kittens–5 or six months old (female and male). The older cat has been declawed and neutered. When do I need to get the kittens "fixed" (and decl … read more Looks like you can do it as early as 6 to 12 weeks: Some excepts from an article i found in regards to early spay/neuter in kittens: "In the twenty or so years of research that followed, in both the U.S. and Canada, shelter operators and veterinarians were able to dismiss the previous misconceptions one by one.

A male kitten that has been fixed may have to wear a cone of shame for a few days after the operation, but the incision will have healed completely within two weeks. It is a routine procedure and. Adult cats suffer more pain,and have a much slower recovery than young kittens. Kittens tend to bounce back to their old selves with less trauma. Just one more word of advice: if you are dead set on getting your kitten declawed, be sure to ask about their pain management protocol. i have a kitten i don't know how old she is but i know it is getting soon to where she comes in heat she is a indoors cat and i have a boy one to i want them both fixed but don't have the money yet but i was just wondering at what age do all of this happen.

How old do kittens have to be to get fixed. Answers: 1 Get Other questions on the subject: Cats (Felines), 29.12.2019 17:24, 153536. How many kittens are in litter. Answers: 1.

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