How To Socialize A Feral Kitten With Other Cats

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If there are multiple kittens, after this short acclimation period, SEPARATE THEM! Feral kittens feed off each others energy. It is hard to socialize them when they are constantly running to each other and hiding together. Pictured 4 out of 5 of the #Bratpackkittens who came to me completely FERAL. Set aside time to socialize a kitten by spending time with each kitten individually, and exposing them to a variety of safe touch, sights, sounds, and smells. The best exposure to new experiences for your kitten happens early—by 9 weeks of age. Continue to socialize to reinforce positive behavior.

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ACA advises against trying to socialize kittens that are older than 4 months of age or adult feral cats.Have the kitten examined by a vet.As always, start by taking the kitten to the vet to be de-wormed, receive any necessary vaccines, and assess overall health.

How to socialize a feral kitten with other cats. Cats by nature are territorial. We can make this work to our advantage. When bringing any new cat into your home, you need to give them a small piece of it to make their own. This is the “safe room,” and feral kittens or cats above all else, need this confined, defined space. Within that room, they will need “safe spaces.” If your kitten has a lot of ticks, it is especially important she see a vet immediately. As previously mentioned, ticks can draw a lot of blood out of a kitten or cat, and your kitten could be highly anemic now and in great danger. Ticks also like to burrow down into the ears of feral kitties; they crawl in when the cats are asleep. Congratulations on deciding to foster and socialize kittens! Spending time with these fuzzy little guys, though a lot of work, will also be a lot of fun. We have tons of tips on how to help your mini kitties feel at ease around people, and how to help them grow up to be loving companion animals.

We’re talking about cats who hid from and avoided people, cats who might be considered feral by some. The socialization process you’re about to learn was born out of necessity. There were around 800 cats at the Great Kitty Rescue and Best Friends staff were determined to socialize as many of them as possible, so the kitties could get rid of. Young cats can get really wound up chasing a toy and forget they are not supposed to body bash into the other cat. Understandably that can be upsetting! That’s the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with playtime.. Be patient: Give your cats time. It is not uncommon for cats to take weeks to months to build their relationship. Typically, the older kittens are, the longer it will take to socialize them, and it is intensive work requiring proper time and space. Depending on a kitten’s age and temperament, he or she may never become a good candidate for adoption. In attempting to socialize an older kitten who seems borderline feral, we recommend giving it 2 weeks maximum.

Socialize to people. I have other cats (3, from 6 yo to 14) so I already know how to socialize cats with cats. But I’ve never had a feral kitten scared of humans. In the beginning I was thinking to keep the kitten separated from the other cats. Socializing a feral kitten could be one of the most rewarding things a human being can do. However, this is not an easy task. It is a slow process, and it will require patience and knowledge about how to socialize a feral kitten from your side. A feral kitten is a cat that was born in the wilderness. This post will discuss feral kitten behavior, and what it means for someone who discovers that they have feral kittens living nearby. Common Traits With Feral kittens The first thing that you will notice, is just like a feral cat, these little guys are not socialized to humans themselves.

If Your Cat Won’t Socialize. Be Patient. Socialization takes longer with some cats than others. Some can be socialized 95% of the way, but still may lash out with nips and scratches from time to. But if you adopt a kitten older than five weeks, or you end up adopting an older feline, don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you've missed the ideal window that you can't socialize your cat. For instance, Simons's cats—the ones that follow her around like dogs—were adopted as feral adult cats. Tips for Socializing Kittens The cat is a solitary and territorial predator. They may at times share territories with other cats (over all related females), but hierarchical tensions are frequent.. In cats there are different variables that influence their behavior, the most important being known as the "sensitive period of socialization."It is a time that elapses from the second to the seventh week of the cat's life.

Totally feral cats will be the most difficult to tame and socialize, and converted feral cats will be the easiest. Semi-feral cats look to humans to feed them, but do not seek further human interaction. This minimal level of human interaction teaches them important social cues of the human world. 9 Tips for Socializing a Shy Cat. Whether you have a traumatized adult cat or you've rescued a feral kitten, here are some ways to help your shy cat come out of her shell. Feral cats are not socialized to people—and can’t be adopted. With some time and attention, however, you can work with young feral kittens to help them become affectionate and loving companions. It’s not a transformation that happens overnight—socializing kittens is a big commitment—but it’s a very rewarding experience.

Some Helpful Guidelines for Taming Feral Kittens. Kittens under 8 weeks can usually be socialized without much difficulty following the guidelines detailed below. Kittens over 8 weeks of age who've had no positive interaction with humans often take much longer to socialize. Cats who have been actively socialized are less likely to be fearful in unfamiliar situations or uncomfortable with changes in their environment. Kittenhood is the best time to teach a cat to enjoy various sights, sounds, people and other animals. Pairing new experiences with rewards creates confidence in your kitten. Just like puppies, kittens have a prime socialization period. Vaccinate the kitten before it plays with other cats. Your kitten needs a series of vaccinations to protect it against common diseases before it begins socializing with cats. Your kitten needs at least 2 visits to the vet: At 6 to 8 weeks old for rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, panleukopenia and chlamydia vaccinations.

Patience: Socializing time varies according to a number of factors, including the kitten’s personality. In other words, it takes as long as it takes. Handle Your Kitten Every Day. Responsible breeders breed for health and personality. They know how important it is for the kittens to be handled early.

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