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Desexing. Desexing or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that prevents them from being able to reproduce. In male pets it is commonly referred to as “castration”, and in female pets as “spaying”. This is the most frequent surgery performed by our vets, and generally your pet is home by the evening of surgery. Lort Smith Dog Adoption

Animal Hospital in Melbourne animal healthcare and

Epping Animal Welfare Facility . The Epping Animal Welfare Facility will take over from the Lost Dogs’ Home as Council’s pound provider from Monday 16th October 2017. The new pet shelter, which sets new standards for animal welfare, has been built by the City of Darebin in partnership with the Cities of Whittlesea and Moreland.

Lort smith animal desexing. Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Lort Smith Animal Hospital helps pets of people in financial need by providing discounted veterinary services through charity funding. They also provide shelter services for lost, abandoned and surrendered pets. www.lortsmith.com. Wildlife Victoria Did you know that July is National Desexing Month? Lort Smith offers reduced rates all year round, with additional discounts available to Concession and Seniors Card holders. The benefits of… In partnership with Casey City Council, The Lost Dogs’ Home is offering heavily discounted cat desexing for just $50 for both female and male cats, on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 April 2017. Free microchipping will also be included in this offer (valued at $30) Book online today to ensure you don’t miss out! Venue […]

Lort Smith Dog Adoption Harmony from Lort Smith Animal Hospital . Desexing is important for your pet’s health. There are a lot of health benefits of getting your pet snipped. For example, desexing female pets can prevent unwanted pregnancies and significantly reduce incidences of cancer and other diseases of the reproductive system. Animal Hospital 24 Villiers Street North Melbourne VIC 3051. 03 9328 3021. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for parking and checking-in at reception. Fees. Lort Smith provides high-quality affordable animal health care to the whole community.

About Lort Smith Animal Hospital We care for surrendered and unwanted animals in our dedicated cattery and kennels & re-home thousands of cats and dogs each year. The Lort Smith Animal Hospital provides high quality veterinary care at a reduced cost for the pets of people in need as well as injured, stray and abandoned pets that have no-one to. VICTORIA'S major animal welfare agencies are pushing councils to make the desexing of cats compulsory as more than 500,000 stray and feral cats prowl and starve on our streets.. the Lort Smith. About Lort Smith Lort Smith is the largest not-for-profit animal hospital in Australia, delivering essential and life-saving services to sick, injured and vulnerable animals. Each year Lort Smith’s team of 63 vets and 110 nurses provide quality care for around 25,000 animals.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital North Melbourne-based Lort Smith is the busiest animal hospital in Australia, with 63 vets and 96 vet nurses providing high-quality veterinary care for over 20,000 animals per year.. You can find out more information about desexing your dog or cat, including when a puppy or kitten can be desexed, from the RSPCA and. Lort Smith Animal Hospital admin 2020-06-23T16:26:29+10:00. National Desexing Network Vet. 24 Villiers Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia. 24 Villiers Street North Melbourne Victoria 3051 AU. 03 9328 3021 03 9328 3021. Male Cat.. National Desexing Network is a proud initiative of. Animal Hospital 24 Villiers Street North Melbourne VIC 3051. 03 9328 3021. [email protected] Adoption Hub 38 Villiers Street North Melbourne VIC 3051. 03 9287 6426. [email protected] Donations & Fundraising. This eCard was sent to you by Lort Smith ×.

Animal Welfare League QLD. Shelter Road Coombabah QLD 4216 Phone (07) 5509 9017 www.awlqld.com.au. Animal Welfare League SA. 1-19 Cormack Road Wingfield SA 5013 Phone 08 8348 1300 www.awl.org.au. Dogs Home of Tasmania. 101 Scotts Road Risdon Vale TAS 7015 Phone (03) 6243 5177 www.dhot.com.au. Lort Smith (Animal Welfare League of Victoria) 24. Lort Smith provides high-quality affordable animal health care to the whole community. We aim to keep people and pets together and offer assistance with the cost of veterinary care in the following ways: 25% discount on all veterinary services* for Health Care and Pension Card holders. 10% discount on all veterinary services* for Seniors Card. MADI (Microchipping and Desexing Initiative) MADI, short for Microchipping and Desexing Initiative, makes low-cost desexing accessible to cat owners throughout Victoria in partnership with local Councils. Our fully-equipped mobile vet surgery, MADI travels throughout Victoria to offer low-cost desexing in areas where it is needed most.

The benefits of desexing your pets are endless. Ranging from avoidable overpopulation to reduced risk of diseases including cancer. There really is no excuse for not desexing your pet! Contact Lort Smith Animal Hospital today to book your pet in: 9328 3021. # GoNuts # Desex National Desexing Network Events will include animal and pet adoption fairs, spay/neuter awareness & low cost opportunities, dog fun shows events, open days, animal protection events, pet food runs, dog programs, issue-building events, activities for farm animals, bird tours, wildlife events, veggie & vegan festivals and therapy dogs visiting hospitals and living-assisted homes. Lort smith fees

Check out the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Great place, good vets, and (last I heard) they are open to working out payment plans and helping those who may not be able to pay up front.. plus the epping vet threw in extra pain killers because he believed if someone was desexing him he would want to be high and a kite.


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