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Low-maintenance in just about every sense of the word is the Whippet. These pups are content to lay out on the bed until you’re home from work and ready for a walk. Their short coat takes grooming almost completely out of the question and their barks are few and far between. The best dogs for seniors will be more calm, less demanding, low maintenance and affectionate. They can also serve as semi-therapy dogs. Benefits of Dog Ownership for Seniors

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They are definitely an option to consider if you or someone you love needs a low-maintenance pet. Find the Perfect Pooch. Good dogs for seniors are ones that closely match their owners' abilities and preferences. Whether you're looking for a dog that's big or small, active or sedate (or even robotic), you can find a furry friend that's right.

Low maintenance pets for seniors. Standard Poodles may be the best low maintenance option among medium-sized dogs. They really hit all the recommended requirements for kids, beginners, seniors and busy owners. Plus, the standard size tends to be calmer than the toy and miniature. To kick things off, the Poodle is the second smartest dog breed. Some pets were easier to take care of than others. Now as a senior, I’m only interested in low maintenance pets. My cat, Eddie, is a low maintenance pet, but I wondered what other animals make easy pets to take care of. Especially as I plan for alternative senior housing. See if you agree with these low maintenance pets. Here are some of the reason why low-maintenance fish make great pets for seniors: They’re affordable pets for seniors. The total set-up costs for a bowl or very small tank, some rocks, the food and a fish or two is less than $50. A single container of fish food lasts for months, and the rocks and bowl never need to be replaced.

What makes the Basset Hound a great low maintenance dog is they'd just rather sleep in, lounge during the day, and maybe stop for a few short playtime sessions from time to time. Daily walks are still required, but if going on long runs isn't your thing then this might be the right dog for you. Believe it or not, there are some low maintenance dogs as well. Along with the listing, we have also included the traits, lifespan and the level of maintenance required for each pet. Needless to say that this list makes best pets for kids and senior citizens as well. Let’s see the list. Getty Images/Pablo Reinsch. Not typically thought of as a pet for seniors, some reptiles, such as leopard geckos, actually make great pets for people looking for low maintenance, quiet alternative to fish.Leopard geckos fit the senior bill because of their small size, lack of noise, and ease of care and maintenance.

Small animals can make great, low maintenance pets. That being said, each living creature still needs a proper living environment, a healthy diet, care and nurturing from its owners and adequate medical attention. If this all sounds like something you can provide for your pet, talk to the veterinarians at the United Veterinary Center for advice. There’s no age restriction on puppy parenthood. But some companion pets are better than others. For seniors in their golden years, you may want to think about low maintenance pets. This can mean anything from little to no shedding, gentler temperament, or puppies who don’t bark a lot. But wait! It gets better. Take a look nine examples of low-maintenance dog breeds with qualities that make them ideal housemates for busy pet owners. These dog breeds tend to have moderate to lower energy levels, average intelligence, and overall good health. They only need a moderate amount of exercise, grooming, training, and health care.

The Best Low Maintenance Pets For Seniors By Lucille Reed • March 01, 2017 If it is just the two of you now or if you live alone, the house may be a little quieter than you prefer. Lovable, low-maintenance breeds like pugs or pekingeses want to stick right by our sides all day long. Instead of a puppy, consider adopting a senior dog who’s gotten her adolescent energy out. Low maintenance pets for apartments have to be exactly that, low maintenance. You probably have limited space and limited time. You want companionship but you can’t really go about spending all your money and time on it. Then there is the matter of apartment rules to consider. Many apartment buildings do not allow pets.

Top 13 low-maintenance pets for kids. Having a pet join your family is one of the most rewarding, powerful and exciting things you can do. But it can also be very difficult. Having a pet is a big lifestyle change. Below, we’ll cover the basics of some of the most popular animals to have as pets for kids, debunk the myths and hopefully give. Birds make good choices for seniors. 5. Robotic Pets. The time to enjoy a low maintenance interactive pet is closer than we could ever imagine. Artificial Intelligent pets for children has proven to be extremely fun and allowing our elderly family and friends to enjoy the same, makes all the sense in the world. iStock. Pets aren't limited to furry creatures or fish. Conservatory garden worker Elliot Blacker, founder of Evopure, recommends stick insects—also known as stick bugs—as the perfect low-maintenance pet.Their small, twig-like size makes them easy to home in small spaces like "small glass containers" or "cages around 12 inches tall," and their dietary habits are not intense either.

4 Low-Maintenance Pets 4 Low-Maintenance Pets. By Jennifer King Lindley. Updated May 20, 2014 Save FB Tweet. More. View All Start Slideshow. Jamie Chung. Somewhere between a puppy and a pet rock lies (or swims) the best low-maintenance pet for you. Real Simple polled vets and pet-store owners to discover the least demanding species across four. NWI Seniors Newspaper August-September 2019 Edition. Reports for NWI Seniors Newspaper Aug-Sep 2019; Low Maintenance Pets; NWI Seniors Newspaper June 2019 Edition; NWI Seniors Newspaper Feb 2019; NWI Seniors Newspaper Jan 2019; Why Seniors Should Work with A Certified Senior Advisor; Geriatric Care: What Seniors Need to Know; Caregiver Tips for. The Best Dogs For Seniors That Are Low-Maintenance and Full Of Love These dog breeds are perfect for older people, as they require little work and give a lot of love. By Jo Yurcaba

The love and companionship our pets provide us also helps reduce stress and even helps with depression and anxiety. Age should never be a factor when deciding to get a dog as a pet, so we have put together a guide choosing a low maintenance dog for seniors. Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dog Breed For Seniors

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