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Switch to organic dog food to avoid harmful ingredients. Use only stainless steel or glass bowls for food and water. Use only filtered or distilled water. Supplements. Many Maltese owners have found success in using supplements to keep tear stains at bay, especially those that are caused by porphyrins. Lots of pet pawrents take to the internet to find ways to tackle their dog’s tear stains but get facts and myths confused. Below are three common misconceptions about dog tear stains: Red tear stains mean there is an infection . The redness from tear stains is caused by a compound called porphyrin found in the precorneal fluid.

Dog Tear Stains How to Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Clean Dog

Best dog food for Maltese tear stains: Halo Natural Dog Food – Small Breed. 993 Reviews. Halo Holistic Wild Salmon & Whitefish Recipe: Small Breed . What we like: Only whole meat—no meat meal—and non-GMO veggies are used to improve digestibility;

Maltese dog food for tear stains. Continued 3. Can the dog eye problems that cause tear stains be treated? It depends on the condition leading to excessive tearing. There is no way to stop dog eye discharge because of shallow eye sockets, so the goal in this situation is to minimize skin irritation and coat discoloration. Those Embarrassing Tear Stains! Maltese, Poodles, Shih-Tzu and King Cavalier are just a few breeds prone to tear stains. Excessive tears are caused either from external / environmental factors, internal / nutritional issues or both. 99% of Rusty Tear Stains are excess TOXINS from the liver. Dog tear stains are caused by internal or external factors (i.e., food, environmental, teething, etc.) that cause the over-stimulation of excessive tear production, or also known as Epiphora. According to Healthy Pets, the most common medical causes of tear staining in dogs include but are not limited to:

The topic description pretty much says it all: I'm looking for a food to feed my 11 mo. old Maltese that will prevent his tear stains. I'm currently feeding him Angel Eyes food supplement, and I have tried other little tricks (distilled water, plus others). Does this type of food exist and… Last but not least is the Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food, another great food for your Maltese and another formulation that can fight tear stains and give your pet a healthier and cleaner coat. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is also clear that Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food is a real favorite. Maltese are prone to getting tear stains and other discolorations on their fur. Of all the discolorations, Tear stains are definitely the most noticeable as they are on the face. All dog breeds can suffer from tear stains but the Maltese are particularly prone to it because of their snow white fur which contrasts the yellow staining.

My dog who is a maltese has always had tear stain problems. AT one ooint she developed a bad urinary tract infection and had to be given a large dose of antibiotics that would work for a couple weeks. (Instead of the daily pill option). I noticed after she had the shot, she didnt produce any tear stains for a couple months. Using a dog tear stain remover isn't the most natural way for removing dog tear stains. Yes, dog tear stain removers definitely work. And yes, you can use them with your pet, and many dog owners do. The cause can be related to health issues, shape of the eye, blocked tear-ducts, puppy teething, ear infection, allergies (either food or environmental), and so on.

This dog food is made with deboned turkey, which can be a pretty neat source of the dog food protein. It even has omega 3 and 6 to help your dog’s coat to be shinier and healthier – perfect for dogs that are suffering from Maltese tear stains. Gently apply the solution over the tear stains using a cotton ball. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse the fur with clean water to get rid of any residue. Note: Peroxide can be irritating, so avoid getting the product in your pet’s eyes. 8. Chamomile. If you are looking for a natural home remedy to get rid of the tear stains, chamomile is very effective. Tear stains indicate poor diet and improper care of the dog, so if you want to prevent tear staining in your Maltese dog, you’ll have to take care of the food and water it consumes. For this purpose, you’ll have to find the best dog food for Maltese tear stains.

Tear staining is a common problem in Maltese. Tear staining is the reddish brown discoloration that is found on the hair under the eyes. It occurs in other breeds as well, but with the white face, does make it show up more in the Maltese. Tear staining is caused by excessive tear production (epiphora). Purina Dog Food has been an established and beloved dog food brand on the market for more than 80 years. Purina continues to provide top quality products for dogs, year in and year out. Your dog will not be disappointed when they taste the great flavors infused in Purina’s formula and you will be over-the-moon with the fresh ingredients in. How Dog Foods Can Help Maltese With Tear Stains Problem? When our Maltese is in the early years, the focus is development. As they age, we focus on maintaining well-being. One of these factors is tear stains. Avoid these (as best as possible) by following some basic steps. Hydration is key. The vitreous humor (liquid part of the eye) is mainly.

According to Klein, breeds commonly susceptible to tear stains include the Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Poodle. Brachycephalic (short nosed) dogs can be prone to tear stains as well. “The shape of the head and the way the eyes fit into the socket will affect whether a dog is prone to tear stains,” according to Klein. If your Maltese is eating a cheap dog food, drinking unfiltered tap water, has plastic bowls, does not have his face wiped at least two times daily, and/or has runny eyes that have not been treated by the vet, do not expect his tear stains to vanish or at least to not come back after you treat them. Best Dog Food For A Maltese Puppy. We love recommending the puppy foods outlined below for Maltese and other small breeds. As you’ll see, many good quality puppy foods include a compound called DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) which has been shown to help with brain development in puppies.

Diet Stops Dog Tear Stains. by Alison (KY) We have 3 Maltese dogs and have found our tear stains were coming from the food they eat (Iams). We have since changed to a food we get from our vet. We also only give our Maltese dogs distilled water to drink. Since making these changes the tear stains are gone.

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