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Petco does not sell cats or dogs. If you get a cat or dog from Petco you did not purchase it, you adopted it from a local rescue. In that case, if for some reason you could not keep that dog/cat the rescue would want to be informed so they could t… Regular and sale prices, offers and selection on may vary from those of Petco stores and Petco Local Ad. Prices and offers are subject to change. Pricing Policies

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Petco fish sale policy. The newest Pet Supplies coupon in – Petco Live Fish on Sale Up to 20% Off. There are thousands of coupons, discounts and coupon codes at, as the biggest online shopping guide website. Petco Return Policy without a receipt: "Returns without a receipt with a valid identification or after 60 days are eligible for a merchandise credit equal to the lowest price at which the returned products were sold, excluding: grooming tools; filters or pumps; pet medication or vitamins; and pest control treatments." If you return it alive within 30 days, we’ll give you a refund and put it back out for sale. If you return it dead within 30 days we’ll give you a refund or exchange and dispose of it for you. If it’s been longer than 30 days, we won’t refund you,…

Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., or simply Petco, is an American pet retailer in the United States, with corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio.Petco sells pet products and services, as well as certain types of live animals. Petco sells and holds fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice for adoption. As COVID-19 shutdowns continue to hurt retailers during this trying time, PETA is offering an olive branch to Petco with an offer to buy all the betta fish at its stores and end our betta fish campaign against the corporation. We’re simply demanding that the company end the sale of these fish immediately and forever. Petco is an excellent choice if you’re looking for new pets, since we have locations across the country offering dozens of kinds of colorful live fish. Whether you’re looking for a single fish or an entire school, we carry a wide variety of pets you can add to your family.

fish store: buy live pet aquarium fish online. Shop at Petco's fish store for schools of beautifully colored freshwater & saltwater options to fill your aquarium. Choose from a variety of vibrant live pet fish, inverts, coral and other undersea options to take complete your aquatic utopia. Petco is a one-stop shop for all the pet food and supplies you need to keep your animals healthy and happy. With selections for all kinds of pets, from cats and dogs to fish and small animals, Petco lets you save both time and money when you shop online and use a coupon code. Return policy: Return items within 60 days of purchase to your local Petco store. Live fish and invertebrates have a 30 day life guarantee, but if they don’t make it you may qualify for a refund. Prescription products must be returned to the Petco distribution center and cannot be returned to a retail location.

[email protected] (858) 909-4665. customers. [email protected] 1-(888) 824-7257. partners and associates. Petco National Support Center 10850 Via Frontera San Diego, CA 92127 (858) 453-7845. Petco San Antonio Support Center 654 Richland Hills Drive San Antonio, Texas 78245. advertising (212) 220-5000. students Fish Tank Filter Media. Fish Food. Aqua one Fish Food; Nutrafin Fish Food; API Fish Food; H2O Pro; Fish Tank Heater. Aquarium Water Treatments. Algaecides & Water Quality; Marine; Medications; pH Treatments; Plant Care; Water Conditioners; Aquarium Test Kit. Aquarium Air Pump. Fish Cleaning Tools. Fish Tank Accessories. Fish Tank Lights. Small. With over 50 years of service to pets and pet parents, Petco is a leader among pet stores when it comes to delivering health and happiness. We are committed to keeping pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy through our wide range of products, exceptional services and knowledgeable store partners.

Shop for these scratchers and cat trees on sale for up to 60% off!. and get exclusive access to Petco sales such as the $1 per gallon Petco fish tank promotion.. The Petco return policy is. It is no secret. For years, PETCO has had a real problem keeping saltwater fish and livestock alive. I’m not sure why they have this problem. It’s not exactly rocket science to keep basic water parameters in check, feed the fish and do water changes. The sad fact that PETCO as a corporation can’t do this. They don’t know how. Contact Petco Customer Service. If you have any questions about Petco's return policy, your recent order or anything else, you can reach their customer service phone number by calling 1 (877) 738-6742. For self-help and email options, visit their Contact Us page for more information. Petco Company Information

For fish fans, Petco also carries essentials like air pumps & accessories, food, fish tanks, filter media, salt mixes, reef care, protein skimmers, heaters, and decorative gravel. You’ll also find products to care for small animals and rodents like chinchillas, ferrets, gerbils, and hamsters. Shop and save today with coupons. 40 and 55 are on sale, but are not $1 per gallon. Keep that in mind. 75 is not on sale. I got 5 – 40 gallon breeders when they were still $1 per gallon. Petco is offering 20% off your online order today only, which means now's the time to spring for that new dog bed, cat litter box, and everything in-between for your four-legged pal.

If you experience a loss of your marine fish, freshwater fish, or invertebrates that was purchased online at within 30 days of delivery please contact Customer Service at 1-877-738-6742. You must contact Customer Service within the required time frame as stated above.

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