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Fan Casting Pound Puppies: The Movie English by Hasbro, AllSpark Animation. Story added by fcthemobianfanboy on May 5, 2020.. Cartoon Characters Story with 10 roles. Street fighter battle of shadaloo Story with 7 roles. Madagascar (Genderswap). When an unmatchable pup meets and loses the boy of his dreams, the pound puppies try to help. S01:E02 – Nightmare on Pound Street. While Mcleish takes care of his niece and nephew, the puppies try to place a sweet but scary dog. S01:E03 – Rebound.

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Summary: Pound Puppies cartoon was inspired by the Tonka Toys line and centers on 11-year old Holly and her dog friends Cooler, Whopper, Nose Marie, and Howler at the Wagga Wagga Pound who work hard to find happy homes for dogs. They are opposed by Brattina and Katrina, along with Catgut and Nabbit. The series began with a one-hour special in Pound Puppies cartoon was inspired by the Tonka.

Pound puppies cartoon movie. So the Pound Puppies are one hot property and that of course leads to a cartoon show. The Pound Puppies TV Special. Before there was the cartoon series there was the Pound Puppies TV special. I vaguely remember this and it seemed to be used as a standalone show to see how people would respond to a cartoon version of the toys. Pound Puppies Complete Cartoon Series Uncut/Unedited. All 36 Episodes. Includes The TV Special & The Movie! Full 2 Seasons. Professional Interactive Menus For Easy Episode Selection. Presented In 1 Case. Trackable Shipping. Browse this category: Cartoon Series. Contact. Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw is a 1988 American animated musical comedy-adventure film distributed by TriStar Pictures.The film is based on the Tonka toy line and Hanna-Barbera television series of the same name. It was directed by Pierre DeCelles, and stars the voices of Brennan Howard, B.J. Ward and Tony Longo.This was the only Carolco film completely animated to date.

Pound Puppies is a upcoming 2019 American flash-animated television series. It is reboot of the 1980's cartoon show of the same name. It will air on Cartoon Network sometime in 2019. It follows the adventures of the titular group, now dedicated to helping abduction victims (both humans and animals) around the world at large, while they avoid Katrina Stoneheart's evil plans. Curious about the original 1980's cartoon series? Ever wonder what the characters look like? Are you a fan of the TV Series, TV Special, and 1988 movie? Welcome aboard to the database and fanbase of the 1980's version of the Pound Puppies! Now, let's start pounding! Fan art and fan predictions are also welcome. After the success of the Pound Puppies TV Special in 1985, the Pound Puppies TV. The Pound Puppies are a group of dogs whose goal is to find a loving family for a puppy in need. The group consists of Cooler, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, Whopper, Howler, Beamer, Reflex, Violet Vanderfeller, Barkerville, Scrounger, and Louie. They are aided by Holly, a kind human girl who possesses the gift of puppy power; Jeff and Tammy, who are the owners of Jeff and Tammy's Puppy and Kitty.

Watch Pound Puppies Free Online. A team of fearless dogs is on a mission to find homes for puppies in need. Once you're a pound puppy, you're always a pound puppy! | Full season and episodes – free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows Pound Puppies was a popular toy line sold by Tonka in the 1980s. It later inspired an animated TV special, two animated TV series, and a feature film. Shipments of the toys over five years generated sales of $300 million in 35 countries. Pound Puppies Episode 1 Pound Puppies Episode 1 [Full Episode] "A pup for every person and a person for every pup." That's the motto of the Cartoon Pound Puppies, a team of fearless dogs whose sworn mission is to find homes for lonely puppies. They only LOOK like regular dogs. In fact, these pooches are dogs of action who match up pups with loving families — while they keep the humans at.

Pound Puppies (TV Series 2010–2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Menu.. cartoon a list of 45 titles created 1 week ago Best of 2010 a list of 38 titles created 9 months ago Lilly TV Shows a list of 28 titles. This is a list of Pound Puppies characters from the television series, that ran from 1986 to 1989, as well as the TV film, and Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw.The animated children's show was based on the popular 1980's stuffed toy line. With Dan Gilvezan, Adrienne Alexander, Ruth Buzzi, Pat Carroll. Saturday-morning cartoon series whose main characters, the wrinkled Pound Puppies, were inspired by the popular line of stuffed toys. Here, the Pound Puppies lived at the pound, but could get out though a secret tunnel. Assisted by their human friend Holly, they tried to outwit Holly's evil guardian, Katrina Stoneheart, and her.

Created by Joe Ansolabehere, Paul Germain, Wendy Moss. With Eric McCormack, John DiMaggio, Michael Rapaport, Alanna Ubach. A group of pound dogs make it their mission to place puppies with their perfect person and have lots of adventures along the way. Pound Puppies (known as All New Pound Puppies in its second season) is a 1986 American animated series made by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the toy line by Tonka.It is the sequel to the 1985 television special. The show was broadcast on ABC between September 1986 and December 1987.. It was the first cartoon adaptation of the property, the second being the 2010 series Pound Puppies is an animated TV special, later a Saturday morning cartoon, based on a line of plush dogs. The special was produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1985, and the series began on ABC the next year. The main characters are a group of humanized dogs who live in a dog pound and help other dogs find loving homes. The canine heroes pretend to be normal dogs, except in the presence of Holly, the.

POUND PUPPIES ORIGINAL AIRDATES: 1985 TV special, Sep 13, 1986-Sep 3, 1988 on ABC RERUNS: 1995-1997 on Cartoon Network EPISODES: 26 ANIMATION: Hanna-Barbera DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. NOTE: Tonka (now owned by Hasbro) own the brand and toy rights. TV SPECIAL Pound Puppies (36 Min. Special aired Oct 1985 in. Pound Puppies is an animated children's television series that premiered on the Hub Network (as a Hub Original Series) on Sunday, October 10, 2010, in the United States. Pound Puppies also aired on YTV in Canada and on Boomerang in the UK, Ireland and Australia.The series is produced by Hasbro Studios.It was the second series, after the 1986 series, to adapt Pound Puppies into a cartoon format. Directed by Pierre DeCelles. With Greg Berg, Ruth Buzzi, Nancy Cartwright, Cathy Cavadini. On a magical artifact called the Bone of Scone, that gives "Puppy Power" to the Pound Puppies and Pound Purries. However, a villain named Marvin McNasty plans to take it and use it for world domination. Without the Bone of Scone, humans will not understand what the animals are saying and, if it is broken.

Directed by Alan Zaslove, Ray Patterson. With Dan Gilvezan, Ron Palillo, Alan Oppenheimer, Gail Matthius. A female dog from a wealthy family named Violet Vanderfeller is picked up and taken to the city pound, where she meets the gang and discovers their mission of uniting themselves up with homes. The special centers on Violet attempting to reunite with her family, ultimately succeeding.

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