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Barksdale Labradoodles – Al & Jacqueline Gordy Magee, Mississippi 39111 — Rising Fawn, Georgia 30738 (Located on Lookout Mountain’s Canyon Ridge outside Chattanooga, Tennessee) PH. 769-274-3431 • FAX 419-730-8596 • Click to Email Plus, Australian Labradoodles are at risk from multifocal retinal dysplasia. This causes retinal detachment and eventually, blindness. Von Willebrand’s Disease. Von Willebrand’s disease is a type of bleeding disorder. And Australian Labradoodles are prone to it. So, Australian Labradoodles should be tested for Von Willebrand’s disease.

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Australian Labradoodles provide consistent quality of the puppies' coats, appearance, intelligence and temperaments that you can depend on. There are 3 sizes of the Australian Labradoodle: Standard: 21-24 inches, 50-65 lbs. Medium: 17-20 inches, 30-45 lbs. Miniature: 14-16 inches, 15-25 lbs .

Puppy love australian labradoodles. Welcome to All About Love Australian Labradoodles and love is what they are all about! My wife and I bred and showed Maltese for several years in the mid 1980’s -1990’s until our three amazing boys became very active in ice hockey, soccer and baseball which had us on the road or in the air every weekend. Oct 22, 2017 – All things Labradoodle!. See more ideas about Labradoodle, Labradoodle puppy, Australian labradoodle puppies. After the allocation process has been completed, an appointment with your vet should be scheduled within 72 hours of bringing your puppy home. All About Love Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to select two puppies from every litter as potential breeding dogs for our program.

Home of Australian Labradoodles! Welcome to Puppy Patch Doodles Inc. We are a proud breeder of the Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles. Here in our home, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada we raise some of the best Doodles available. We fell in love with the Labradoodle in 2009. Puppy Love Labradoodles. O ur Labradoodles are located in Southern Alberta, Canada, just a short drive from Calgary. There are two of us here at Puppy Love. This enables us to have several dogs in our breeding program and still ensure that each one gets the love and attention they deserve. The Australian Labradoodle is not just a poodle and labradoodle mix. Labradoodles are so much more than that. They are incredibly sensitive and love their families and owners. Australian Labradoodles are noted for their intelligence and submissive nature which makes the labradoodle very easy to train.

Welcome to All About Love Australian Labradoodles and love is what they are all about! My wife Jayne and I bred and showed Maltese for several years in the mid 1980’s -1990’s until our three amazing boys became very active in ice hockey, soccer and baseball which had us on the road or in the air every weekend. Home breeder of beautiful, loving multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. Our home is located in the metro Atlanta area – Loganville, Georgia – between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia. Our dogs are considered members of the family and live in our home, sleep in our beds and go almost everywhere with us, including our family vacations. Our doodles know when we are planning to go for a ride. We absolutely love her and she makes us laugh every day. She weighs 25 lbs now and 19" at the shoulder. The picture was taken Christmas Day with our kitten, Tika – they are the best of friends. Thanks again for our wonderful puppy.

My experience with Big Valley Australian Labradoodles has been so much more than I ever could have imagined! After much frustration with local, so-called “seasoned” breeders and no puppy, I took a chance with a not-so-local breeder, whose outstanding professionalism and personal attention to detail won my trust. Puppy love. Puppy hugs are the very best. Puppy in a pot. Cute kitchen help. What a view. Broken Top, the South Sister and friends. (little) Big Hunk. Sugar Crash :). 6 week old Australian Labradoodles. Snow Shelter. Central Oregon Juniper tree. Golden Droplets. 1 week old Australian Labradoodle puppies. Three Sisters. View across the Tumalo. Ladd Hill Australian Labradoodles is dedicated to breeding healthy and well-balanced Australian Labradoodles.We began breeding out of an intense love for these gentle and intelligent animals. We specialize in breeding multigeneration mini and medium Australian Labradoodles with non-shedding and asthma / allergy friendly coats.These happy dogs make the perfect family pet!

Sugar Pine Doodles, Australian Labradoodles.. Without a doubt, puppy love is the kind of love a puppy feels for it's new family and a new family feels for their new puppy. This love, "puppy love" is so pure and innocent it can't be mistaken. Our family lives for seeing these moments and we love capturing them. Puppy Love Labradoodles is a top quality Labradoodle breeder in Alberta, Canada. Adopt your very own special Labradoodle puppy, also find Labradoodle puppy pictures, and Labradoodle related links But what changed our world forever was the day we welcomed a tiny Labradoodle puppy into our home. Yes, we are definitely smitten and we want to make your world better too! We love how the Australian Labradoodles have been so regulated by associations like the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) & Worldwide Australian.

We are a short drive from Calgary and minutes away from the US border. We met our first labradoodle about 14 years ago and fell in love with the labradoodle breed. Shortly there after we became a guardian home of a breeding labradoodle puppy for Puppy Love Labradoodles and adopted our very own labradoodle almost 12 years ago. The cost of an 8-9 week old Australian Labradoodle is $3300. Please be sure to ask questions if you are offered a puppy for less. It is unlikely to be a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle and will thus not come with the guarantee of good health, easy temperament, and the non-shedding and allergy friendly coat that are characteristic of. For long journeys your puppy would love some snuggle time in a lap which we cannot recommend for the driver 🙂 For trips that require hotel stays we do recommend bringing a crate with a soft pad/blanket along. That way your puppy has a safe and secure place to nap/sleep – a space that remains constant along the way.

Nov 30, 2019 – Explore Pine Lodge Labradoodles's board "Labradoodles", followed by 424 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Labradoodle, Australian labradoodle, Labradoodle puppy.

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