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Particularly the desexing of cats at an age that ensures they can’t reproduce” – Dr Liz Arnott, Chief Veterinarian RSPCA NSW From 1 July 2020 owners of cats not desexed by four months of age will be required to pay an $80 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee. Myth: Desexing is expensive. Fact: Desexing is a one-off expense. It is important to remember that a desexed cat has a reduced risk of many health issues that can be costly to treat, saving you money in the longer term. Some SA councils offer incentives for desexing your cat. Do not contribute to the cat overpopulation problem. Be part of the.

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Meanwhile, the community’s acceptance of cat management measures such as desexing, cat containment, registration and microchipping had increased. With this shift in public understanding of the problems and the urgent need for a solution, the RSPCA hopes this discussion paper will help shape more effective and consistent strategies in the future.

Rspca nsw cat desexing. ATTENTION ALL CAT LOVERS! PLEASE SHARE! Cats need us more than we think. In fact, over 35,000 cats end up in shelters every year in NSW. That’s why we’ve given them a voice with Cat Ballads, an album about responsible cat care written to improve the lives of cats. APPLYING FOR LOW-COST DESEXING… Click on the red bar below to go to our all-year-round Desexing Directory. Above the map, in the "Enter a Location" box, enter your suburb and State. Adjust the search radius with the small wheel next to the location box. We are asking the RSPCA and the Government to put some serious funding into implementing HVLC desexing programs ( targeted) in each state urgently. RSPCA NSW and RSPCA VIC have accumulated funds/assets of over $120 million dollars united and reportedly RSPCA all states over $200 million united.

RSPCA NSW is a not-for-profit organisation in Australia that cares for, treats, protects and rehomes animals across the state. As a charity, we strive to maintain an open-door policy, so no abandoned, neglected, injured or surrendered animal is turned away or forgotten.READ MORE During the month of September, RSPCA ACT partnered with local vet clinics for its newest animal welfare initiative and successfully desex 380 cats owned by residents in the greater Canberra community. The ‘Frisky Tom’ campaign aims to desex 1,500 cats over a three-year period. To encourage cat owners to do this, the campaign offers free and discounted desexing for a month. RSPCA Pet Insurance is distributed and promoted by Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd (GFS). ABN 53 128 692 884, AFSL 343079 of 58 Norwest Boulevard Norwest NSW 2153 and by its Authorised Representative RSPCA Australia Incorporated (AR No. 296287), and is administered through PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 95 075 949 923, AFSL 420183.

Particularly the desexing of cats at an age that ensures they can’t reproduce” – Dr Liz Arnott, Chief Veterinarian RSPCA NSW From 1 July 2020 owners of cats not desexed by four months of age will be required to pay an $80 annual permit in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee. If you need assistance with discount cat desexing, please call us on 9519 7201. For more information, watch our video Early Age Desexing – Health and Welfare Benefits . While all care has been taken in preparing this document, it is intended to provide general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. Cats and dogs are loving pets that provide companionship and affection to many people across Australia. Tragically however, each year, RSPCA shelters take in around 160,000 animals nationally, many of which are the result of unplanned breeding. Desexing is an effective strategy to prevent these unwanted pregnancies. Aside from preventing accidental litters, there are many health and.

Marilyn Manfred of the local RSPCA is trying to get the word out. “The Goulburn Branch RSPCA NSW is continuing its $75 desexing voucher program with special emphasis throughout the current. This article provides a brief outline of what TNR is and whether it is an appropriate strategy for managing and reducing unowned cats. Further detail is provided in the attached RSPCA Australia Research Report. What is TNR? Trap-neuter-return relies on desexing (neutering) a large proportion of a specific cat population to prevent further breeding. Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS): Subsidised desexing, microchipping and vaccinations in Sydney and also regional communities of NSW in collaboration with local councils, veterinary services and RSPCA Branches.

When you adopt a cat from the RSPCA, you don’t need to worry about the cost of desexing, as it’s done before the adoption process. Myth #5: The cat desexing cost is always the same. Fact: Another myth about the cost of cat desexing, is that it’s always the same. The cost of having a cat desexed may vary. For many Australians pets are important members of the family. A pet can be a joy but they are a big responsibility. If you’re thinking of bringing a new pet into your home choose the adoption option and make the RSPCA your first port of call. Choosing the right pet for you is fun, but takes time, planning and lots of research. You need to consider very carefully both your needs and the. Cairns City Council (Qld) cat desexing program Hornsby City Council (NSW) cat desexing program All your questions about Queensland’s new dog and puppy owner legislation answered

RSPCA NSW knows you love your cat, but taking proper care of them is just as important. So, to help get the message out, we created an album of songs, sung from the perspective of cats, about three pillars of responsible cat care: desexing, microchipping and protecting your cat. State/Territory Mandatory Desexing Legislation; ACT: Yes. Section 74 of the Domestic Animals Act 2000 makes it an offence to own an undesexed dog over 6 months old or an undesexed cat over 3 months old without a permit.: NSW: No. NT: No. QLD: No. SA: Yes, from July 1st 2018. Section 42E of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 makes it an offence to own an undesexed dog or cat over 6 months old. The campaign was launched last year and aims to desex 1,500 cats to reduce the unwanted cat population in the capital. RSPCA ACT and participating vet clinics will provide free desexing to cat owners who hold a current Centrelink or DVA gold card and live within the ACT or bordering NSW communities, including Jerrabomberra, Queanbeyan, Googong.

Discounted desexing. Residents with a pensioner concession or health care card can get a discount on pet desexing. Please contact the City to enquire about this service.. If you don’t qualify for a discount and are struggling to meet desexing costs, contact the RSPCA on 02 9770 7555 or the Cat Protection Society on 02 9519 7201.

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