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F3 Savannah Cat is the home for those who own or are looking to own savannah cats! We provide all kinds of resources from what types of food you should be feeding your savannah to best practices for introducing changes to your household (or should we say their household) to general care tips for your adorable, new pet. Breed an F1 to a Savannah male and you get an F2. Take an F2 and breed it and the kittens are F3’s. So, each time a Savannah cat gets one more generation away from the serval, it adds a number. As you might imagine, trying to breed a huge serval to a Savannah cat is not an easy task.

Serval cat to show in comparison the size of a serval

Servals. Female: $5,000 – $9,000 USD; Male: $5,000 – $9,000 USD; F1 Savannahs . Female: Starting at $12,000 USD ; Male: Starting at $12,000 USD ; F2 Savannahs

Savannah cat price f3. Male F2 savannah kittens price is around $4000 up to $8000 while female F2 Savannah cat costs around $4000 to $9000. F3 Savannah cats have an average of 19% Serval mix. Male F3 Savannah cats range from $1500 up to $4000 while the female F3 Savannah cat ranges from around 1000 to $4000. Price is dependent on several factors: Their filial number (F1, F2, F3 etc), their type – or how well the cats features adhere to the breed standards, the sex of the cat, and lastly whether it is a pet or a breeding cat. Bengal cross Savannah cat . Bolton, Cumbria. F3 Savannah kitten, tica Reg & VAC reduced price . Darlington, Durham. £1 . She is now reduced from the original price of £1800 to £1550 to help her find her forever home.. Price is more than 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles.

A fertile F3 Savannah male will be more valuable than an F3 female, because at last they have the greater breeding value. F4 Savannah Cat Price, F5 Savannah Cat Price, and beyond… F4 – F5 Savannah cat price is usually around $1000 – $2500. So, we hope the Savannah Price chart will help your family find the perfect Savannah kitten at the best Savannah [rice. *Based on how well kitten meets the International Cat Association’s Savannah Cat Standard **Average Data for Savannah pricing, not meant to be a guarantee. F3 Savannah Cat. F3 Savannah cats also have a good amount (about 20%) of wild African servants. But not as much as f1 and f2. F3 Savannah cat is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a Savannah cat home and have a small child at home. This cat is very attentive and loves children very much.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More Read More The number behind the F is how many generations the savannah cat is away from the African Serval. Prices are subject to change. F2 Females: $7,000 to $8,000. F3 Females: $4,500 F3 Males: $5,000. The F4 Savannah cats will usually have 15% or slightly less Serval mix. A male F4 cat should cost $1,000 to $2,500, while female F4 cats have prices that range around $1,100 to $3,000.. F5 Savannah cats will look more like domestic cats than Servals, with only about 10% and below in genes of a wild African Serval. The male F5 cat price can range from around $800 up to $1,500 while a female F5.

An F1 cat costs the most with prices ranging from $6000-$22,000, F2 cats cost from $4000-$16,000, F3 Savannah cat prices range from $2500-$6000, and F4 or higher Savannah cat cost ranges between $500 and $4000. It is at the SBT (Stud Book Tradition) level that the Savannah is considered a true breed and potentially eligible for Championship with TICA (The International Cat Association). F1 50% et + = the serval is a parent F2 25% a 49% = the serval is a grand parent F3 12.5% a 24% = the serval is a great grand parent 2016/12/03 – Our F3 Savannah Queens are some of our most recommended cats, being extremely loving and social, while retaining some of the more vivid and wild markings of the F1 or F2, but with a guaranteed great personality.

“F” designations in Savannah Cats tells us how many generations removed from the African Serval the Savannah is. The designation is determined by what the Savannah’s mother’s designation is. Example: F2 mother bred to F5 male will produce an F3 kitten. The kitten is one more generation removed from the pure Serval than is the mother. The price for a Savannah cat ranges drastically. We want to ONLY send you details on cats that fit within your budget. Please share a price range that you'd like to stay in. The F3 cat is extremely loving and social, making it a great companion. Our F3 Savannah Queens are some of our most recommended cats, being extremely loving and social, while retaining some of the more vivid and wild markings of the F1 or F2, but with a guaranteed great personality.

We have F3 savannah kittens for sale/deposit. These kittens were born on 8-13-17. They have more wild blood in them then the F4 kittens. Therefore, they cost a bit more. An F3 savannah cat or kitten can never be an SBT. You need four generations of savannah to savannah before TICA considers a pure savannah cat or savannah kitten. Our F3 Savannah kittens are for sale! Updated daily, our list of F3s is constantly changing, so check back often to find the kitten that is right for you. As the longest-standing breeder of the Savannah, we believe our cats are the highest quality, and our kittens reflect this in their beauty. F3 Savannah Cat. Purebred Savannah Cat. What is a “Purebred Savannah Cat”? Purebred Savannah Cats have three (3) or more consecutive generations of Savannah to Savannah heritage. Purebred Savannahs have the most advanced breed status and are able to be show at TICA cat shows.. Price is based off conformation to the breed standard.

Savannah cat for sale from reputable breeders 1. Monterey Savannahs. How Monterey Savannahs was established is an interesting story.After serving in the army and returning as a veteran, the owner of the breeding camp decided to have a Savannah as his companion.

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