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Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus are well-established breeds that have been popular companion dogs for a long time now. When bred together, the result is the adorable Shih Tzu Yorkie mix, otherwise known as a Shorkie. A cute name to fit a cute dog. Curious to learn more about this trending mixed breed? You’ve come to the right place. The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu. These loving and loyal dogs make the perfect companion dog. Due to their small size, they are considered to be ‘toy’ dogs.

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Shih Tzu / Yorkie Mix. This adorable shih tzu / yorkie mix could win over anyone with those puppy-dog eyes! This breed combo combines the terrific tenacity of a terrier with the affectionate nature of a shih tzu! Source: Reddit. View post on 2. Shih Tzu / Chihuahua Mix.

Shih tzu mix yorkie. Shih Tzu Mix Puppies for Sale; Shih Tzu Mix Puppies for Sale. Sally – Shih Tzu Mix Puppy for Sale in Huber Heights, OH. Female. $799. Sadie – Shih Tzu Mix Puppy for Sale in Huber Heights, OH. Female. $799. Sarah – Shih Tzu Mix Puppy for Sale in Huber Heights, OH. Female. $799. Known as a Shorkie, a Shih Tzu Yorkie mix makes for a small but spunky companion. Although willing and able to keep up with moderately active owners, these little pups also appreciate some lazy time. Like all puppies, Shorkies need proper care and training in order to grow up healthy and happy. Basic breed info on the Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix. This feisty little guy is the perfect pocket-sized companion for individuals and families alike.He’s small but protective, smart, and energetic. Since a crossbreed’s looks and temperament significantly depends on the genetic information passed down by their purebred parents, it makes sense to take a look at the Shih Tzu and Yorkie to get a.

The origin of the Shih Tzu Yorkie mix. A crossbreed will always be unpredictable in terms of its appearance and temperament, depending on the parent it takes after. This is why it’s beneficial to learn about the parent breeds of any designer dog you’re interested in. Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu-Yorkie, also known as Shorkie or Shorkie Tzu, is a cute, loving, loyal, and playful dog. Check out some must-know facts about the Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, provided by DogAppy. Fast Fact. Brush your Shorkie’s teeth regularly, as this is one of the few dog breeds that is more prone to oral diseases. Nov 22, 2014 – Explore Beth Elliott's board "Shorkie & Yorkie & Shih Tzu" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yorkie, Shih tzu, Dogs.

The Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix is a cross of a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Shorkie. It’s a small dog breed at about 6 to 14 inches tall, weighing between 5 to 15 pounds. The lifespan of the Shorkie is around 11 to 16 years. Shorkies are known to be great companions. They are small, affectionate, and playful. Shih Tzu-Yorkie-Mix Ein ausgezeichneter kleiner Begleiter für Ihr Kind oder ein netter Schoßhund für Ihre Frau; Shorkies geben wirklich wunderbare Haustiere ab. Aus der Kreuzung zwischen dem Shih Tzu und dem Yorkshire Terrier stammend erben diese Hunde positive Eigenschaften von beiden: Vertrauen und Mut von Yorkie und die spielerische und. Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix Highlights. The Shorkie is a Shih Tzu Yorkie mix designer breed. These dogs are known as toy dogs or lap dogs because of their small toy-like stature. On average, an adult Shorkie weighs 4 to 11 pounds and is 5 to 9 inches tall. They have medium to long coats and can either be gold, brown, black and white, red, or black and tan.

East meets West with certain canine mixes. The **Yorkshire terrier and Shih Tzu** cross, known as the **shorkie**, combines the tiny but feisty British dog with the lovable and sweet pet of Chinese origin. As hybrids, offspring can look like a mix of both parents or resemble one breed more than the other. Like their parents, the Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix coats can grow to be quite long. This makes them pretty high maintenance on the grooming front. Daily brushing is a must. Shorkies will generally have either a straight coat like their Yorkie parents or a slightly wavy coat. To touch it is usually soft and sleek. Other Names. Shorki; Shorkie; Yorkie Tzu; Description. The Shorkie Tzu is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire Terrier.The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed.

Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix Puppies are often referred to as designer dogs, hybrids, or mixed breeds. Designer dogs are really mixed breed dogs that are a mix of two specific breeds. This can often be confusing because most designer dogs have been named, so it infers that it is a purebred dog when it is not. A Shih Tzu Yorkie mix is the result of a Yorkshire terrier parent and a Shih Tzu parent. In fact, there’s quite a few different names for this particular breed, including the Yorkie Tzu and the Shorkie Tzu. Breeders will either cross a purebred to a mixed breed or cross two pure bred dogs. Hi I'm Brenda and I would like to tell you a little about what we do. We are a family run business with my daughter Sandi raising the Shih Tzu and I raise the Yorkie's. Sandi's husband Billy grooms all of the dogs and puppies, and her son Matthew helps with clean up. We strive to give you beautiful and healthy puppies.

As a mixed breed, the Shih Tzu Yorkie mix can be a variety of colors. And you won’t be able to predict the colors of a litter before they are born. Whereas Yorkie colors are limited to black, tan, blue and gold, Shih Tzu colors come in an amazing array. The Shih Tzu has a longer, sturdy body with a broad and deep chest. Its coat is very luxurious, long, flowing, and soft. Shih Tzu vs Yorkie Grooming Requirements. Both of these breeds have continual coat growth that requires regular grooming. The Shih Tzu demands daily brushing and bathing once every 3-4 weeks. Aug 17, 2018 – Explore jnl2418's board "Yorkie mix shih tzu" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yorkie, Yorkie mix, Shih tzu.

The Shih Tzu Yorkie mix, also known as a Shorkie, combines two popular toy breeds. This mix grows from 8 to 10.5 inches, weighing anywhere between 7 and 16 pounds. The Yorkie and Shih Tzu breeds have quite different histories and temperaments. So predicting your Shih Tzu Yorkie mix personality can be quite tough.

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