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The Yorkie Poodle is a mix between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle (miniature) and is sometimes called a yorkie poo, yorkie doodle and yo-yopoo. Read all the info on this mixed breed, including health, obedience training, temperament, grooming, life span, characteristics & lots more… registered imperial and standard shih tzu puppies, 600-1000 registered teacup yorkshire terrier puppies 1200 registered chocolate miniature poodle puppies 900-1000 all due in august! keri's registered teacup puppy, ready october 10th: tiny teacup male, 1200 jenna's imperial shih tzu puppies due august 9th

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Shih Tzu poodle mix Appearance. There are several possible variations in this particular mix. They can either have the familiar curly coat from the poodle. Or the longer, straighter coat of the Shih Tzu. Their body is generally rather sturdy for a small breed of dog. They do come in a variety of color mixes as well as the potential for a number.

Shih tzu yorkie poodle. The Shih Tzu has a longer, sturdy body with a broad and deep chest. Its coat is very luxurious, long, flowing, and soft. Shih Tzu vs Yorkie Grooming Requirements. Both of these breeds have continual coat growth that requires regular grooming. The Shih Tzu demands daily brushing and bathing once every 3-4 weeks. shih tzu, yorkie and poodle puppies due august send marci88 a message litters designated by mother's name registered imperial and standard shih tzu puppies, 600-1000 registered teacup yorkshire terrier puppies 1000-1200 registered chocolate miniature poodle puppies 900-1000 all due in august! jenna's imperial shih tzu puppies due august 9th We breed quality dogs because we know what buyers want in a companion. We breed purebred registered Shih Tzu, Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie), Maltese, Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu), Yorkipoo (Yorkie/Toy Poodle) Shih Poo (Shih Tzu/ Poodle) and Toy Poodle puppies. We are located in Malta, Montana but are able to meet or arrange delivery.

As a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, Shih Tzu Poodle Mix dogs (also known as a Shihpoo) are some of the cutest little creatures. Shihpoos are fun-loving and energetic and have such a zest for life. They are the kind of dogs you definitely want to adopt into your household to bring about life and energy. Shih Tzus and a variety of smaller and larger pure breed and mixed breed dogs for adoption in South Florida. Find your new forever friend, start your search here. Select by breed, gender, size or even name of the dog you are looking for. The Shih Tzu Poodle mix is a cross of a purebred Shih-Tzu and a purebred Poodle, also known as Shih-poo or Shoodle.Its a small dog breed at about 8 to 18 inches, weighing between 8 to 18 pounds. The Shih Tzu Poodle mix lifespan is around 10 to 15 years.

1. Shih-poo (Shih Tzu + Poodle) The Shih Tzu and Poodle mix is a lovely mix of two gorgeous dog breeds, the Shih Tzu and the Miniature Poodle. This mix has a petite built, but it comes with an attractive personality. They usually have long wavy coats, but can also take after the Poodle’s curly coat. They are very loving, friendly, and obedient. A Shih Tzu Yorkie mix is the result of a Yorkshire terrier parent and a Shih Tzu parent. In fact, there’s quite a few different names for this particular breed, including the Yorkie Tzu and the Shorkie Tzu. Breeders will either cross a purebred to a mixed breed or cross two pure bred dogs. Nov 22, 2014 – Explore Beth Elliott's board "Shorkie & Yorkie & Shih Tzu" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yorkie, Shih tzu, Dogs.

Maltese Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Mix Yorkie Poodle Shih Poo Cute Dogs And Puppies Mans Best Friend Adorable Animals Small Dogs Fur Babies More information. Saved by Bonnie Dundas Shorkipoo is a specialty designer pup that is a wonderful mix of a Yorkie, Shih Tzu and Poodle. So you can mix Shorkie and Poodle or Shihpoo and Yorkie. They make the cutest little puppy around. Shorkipoo puppies are loving dogs but when you add the poodle to the mix you just increase their intelligence greatly making training easier. the Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), Poodle, Maltese, Shih-Tzu and Designer Puppies. HOURS. Open Daily: 11:00 -8:00. CONTACT US.. puppy dogs, Tcuppaws, yorkies, poodles, maltese, shih-tzu's and designer puppies, Take a look at our teacup and toy yorkie puppies, matese puppies, poodle puppies, designer puppies, and teacup puppies for sale. We.

The Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix is a cross of a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Shorkie. It’s a small dog breed at about 6 to 14 inches tall, weighing between 5 to 15 pounds. The lifespan of the Shorkie is around 11 to 16 years. Shorkies are known to be great companions. They are small, affectionate, and playful. Origin of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix. The origin of the Shorkie is going to be the same as the origin of the dog’s parents which is the Shih Tzu and the Yorkie. Shih Tzu’s dates back to ancient China as a pet for the royal families. They made perfect lapdogs for the royals that is why they liked them so much. Welcome to Emily’s Pups where we raise small breed puppies. I am a small breeder with a passion for raising high quality puppies and finding them loving homes. My family and I live on a small farm in Memphis, Missouri where we raise Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, Maltipoo, Pomeranian and Toy Poodle puppies.

Like their parents, the Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix coats can grow to be quite long. This makes them pretty high maintenance on the grooming front. Daily brushing is a must. Shorkies will generally have either a straight coat like their Yorkie parents or a slightly wavy coat. To touch it is usually soft and sleek. Shihtzu puppies /yorkie/Tcup shihtzu/Tcupyorkie /toy miniature poodle/purebreed. About the Shih Tzu we dedicated to serve you with the best on full breed puppies. Opening at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Get Quote Call (201). Teacup Yorkie. Teacup Poodle. Clients Reviews. Contact. More. TEACUP SHIH-TZU PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR SALE. 45% OFF + FREE SHIPPING | How To Shop | Health Guarantee | Shipping | Testimonials | FAQS | VERIFIED AND­­­­­­ TRUSTED BREEDERS.

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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Designer and mix puppies, morkies, maltipoos, red

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