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Siamese cats are wonderful, they have brilliant social skills, love to play with each other and with humans as well. This distinctive nature of Siamese cats may be the great source of inspiration for their names. Sometimes it can be the hard decision to pick up a name for a pet. Siamese cats deserve names that are unique to the breed because of their distinctive appearance and personalities! But what exactly is in a Siamese cat’s name? Here is a list of Siamese cat names for you to pick through. Most of these siamese cat names are from thai words or names! Suitable, eh?

60 Sassy Siamese Cat Names (With images) Cats and

These names are categorized as male, female or both and are listed according to various themes or descriptions to help you narrow down the kind of name you think fits your Siamese best. These categories are: Click the following for: Cute Cat Names for Males Cute Cat Names for Females Cute Cat Names for Either Males or Females

Siamese cat names. Siamese Cat Names. A list of alphabetical names created from origin, breed, physical appearance, temperament, social patterns and famous Siamese cats. Ada; Am; Babble; Bali – Balinese are the long-haired Siamese; Bandit; Bangkok; Bimbo; Blabbermouth; Blabbie; Blue; Boca – Spanish for “mouth” Bock; Bono – after the singer; Calliope. Siamese Cat Names for Males. Whether you want a Disney name for your Siamese or you’d like to find some oriental names for Siamese cats, you have a lot to choose from.. Akira – the Japanese word, meaning ‘bright’.; Ari – the Hebrew word for lion.; Aroon – in Thai, this means ‘dawn’.; Baraka – this Egyptian name means ‘blessing’.; Claws – if your cat is a fighter, then. Siamese cat names what’s nice what’s awful and what’s perfect for your cat? The Siamese breed is maybe the most popular cat breed of perhaps it’s their well-known appearance and outgoing nature Or maybe it can be the 1955 film Lady and the Tramp where the hostile Siamese cat murmured the infectious lyrics “We are Siamese you please”.

And if you have other ideas for Siamese cat names, we want to hear ‘em! Post your ideas below. How to Teach Your Cat Its Name. Tweet. Share 37. Pin 146. 183 Shares. Related. Jessi Klein. Jessi is a marketing strategist for Fortune 50 companies who loves to research and write about pets. She enjoys finding cool new cat names, researching the. Siamese cat names have no limitation. As cats do not understand the specifics of our language, tone, length and volume are more important for felines. This means we can call them whatever we like, as long as we use their name in the right ways. But when we adopt a cat into our home, we want to make them part of the family. Famous Siamese cat names. If you'd like something with character, why not name your cat after a cat in a book or film? There was Tao, from The Incredible Journey, or DC (Darn Cat), from That Darn Cat, or Pyewacket, after the Siamese cat in Bell Book and Candle.

Siamese Cat Names: Not Another "Fluffy" Although Siamese cats are friendly and affectionate creatures, there is something about this breed that sets it apart from other felines. Names like "Fluffy" and "Snowball" may serve the average Tabby cat nicely, but somehow they don't really suit a Siamese.. Related Articles. 91 Colorful Calico Cat Names It can sometimes be a challenge to choose good Siamese cat names, so we have created this Siamese kitten names list to help you in your decision. The list of names for Siamese cats here is divided into unisex Siamese cat names, male Siamese cat names and female Siamese cat names. We hope you enjoy these cuddly, sweet, adorable, unique, cool and. Some Siamese cat names are known all over the world, because these are the original names given to Siamese cats. While Siamese cats were bred for show, some of them ended up with the names given to them by the owners of those cats. However, they don’t get changed as they have to belong to a specific breed.

A Siamese cat with blue eyes is beautiful, if not absolutely striking. Choose something in our world that reflects her gorgeous, blue eyes. It can be a color for a shade of blue, a word that suggests the sea, a flower’s name or even the name of a gemstone.. Male kitties with blue eyes can be blessed with the name of a blue-eyed male celebrity. We have also collated some names that relate to the Siamese cat’s Thai heritage, and the religion of Thailand, which is Buddhism. If you’re still stuck, take a look at this list of over 200 superb Siamese Cat Names. Siamese Cat Names and Meanings. Some people like to choose a name for their pet with a deeper meaning or unusual connotations. Our list of Siamese cat names is authentic and each name has a translation next to it. The names are a mixture of different things but include given names, places in Thailand, and things like flowers, gemstones, money, and warriors' names. If you're looking for a real Siamese name for your feline, you will almost certainly find it here.

Our Favorite Siamese Cat Names Our Favorite Siamese Cat Names Whether you want to find a name for a Siamese cat that speaks to her beautiful multi-colored coat or her overseas origins, we've got 50 perfect Siamese cat names for your inspiration. The Siamese cat is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia and to be descended from the ancient temple cats of Siam. This breed was so revered that only kings and their families were allowed to own them. Siamese cats are often social extroverts and highly intelligent. Siamese cat names male. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over 25.421 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin.

Talkative Siamese Kitten Names. While it's true that some of the most distinctive characteristics of a Siamese cat are their striking coat color and blue eyes, another aspect much less focused on during naming is their personality. Siamese are known for being extremely "talkative" and outgoing. Siamese cats are said to be one of the most talkative cats; they want you to listen. If you want to understand what they are saying, try this article on interpreting cat sounds. #2: Female Siamese Cat Names. Similar to masculine Siamese cat names, there are plenty of Siamese cat names female that you can choose from, such as: Japanese cat names are popular around the globe! Even so, you won’t have to worry about another person picking the same name – these are one of a kind! Male Japanese Cat Names. Here’s our list of the best male Japanese cat names with meanings from A to Z. These names are perfect unique ideas for your male cat. Aki – bright / autumn

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