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It can sometimes be a challenge to choose good Siamese cat names, so we have created this Siamese kitten names list to help you in your decision. The list of names for Siamese cats here is divided into unisex Siamese cat names, male Siamese cat names and female Siamese cat names. We hope you enjoy these cuddly, sweet, adorable, unique, cool and. Types of Siamese . There are now three types of Siamese cats. The Traditional Siamese is said to be the original cat imported from Thailand. The Classic was the type that was common in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The Modern are the current show cats of today.

25 Stunning Siamese Cats and Their Quirks Siamese cats

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Siamese cat types seal point. The Traditional Cat Association recognizes two types of Siamese, the Traditional and the Classic, both with a very different look than the modern Siamese recognized by CFA, TICA and other cat associations. The TCA’s Traditional Siamese has a round head and a big-boned, rounded body. One of the most distinctive feline coats is the hallmark of one of the oldest-known cat breeds. Merely mentioning seal-point cats conjures up images of Siamese cats. While it is true that Siamese. The Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes four important Siamese breeds, chocolate point, lilac point, seal point, and blue point. These points refer to the flashes of color that mostly reflect on the legs, face, tail, and ears. Siamese cat demands a lot of attention and does not like to be left aloof.

Seal Point Siamese Cats. Seal Point Siamese. Seal points are the stereotypical Siamese cats. The first cats to reach the Western Hemisphere were seal points, and for many years they were the only officially recognized color variation. At one point in time there used to be around 30 different color points and marking varieties in the Siamese breed for registration and showing. However, over the years those numbers have dwindled down to four with most registries, and those four color points are Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, and Lilac point. Both types of Siamese cat have a distinct coat which does not carry the longhair gene. It is a single coat, but has beautiful markings known as colorpoint. This is in reference to the tips of its feet, face, ears and tail which are of a much darker color than its body. The color is not always the same with lilac point (lighter color) and seal.

The Tabby Siamese cats have come about from an incidental mating of a purebred Seal Point with a Tabby cat. Chocolate Tortie Point Siamese Covered with mottled points, the Chocolate Tortie strongly resembles the shell of a tortoise. Kim Novak's Siamese cat Pyewacket has a featured role in the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle. In the Skippyjon Jones book series, the titular character is a Siamese cat who befriends a group of Chihuahuas. The first Blue Peter pet cat, Jason, was a Seal-point Siamese Cat. Seal-point variations are not visible in many other types of cat. The Himalayan is a breed of cat which has seal-point patterns, but only because they derive from a crossing of the Siamese with Persian cats. Here we'll explain the different colorations of Siamese cats:

Characterized by a light reddish orange point and pink paw pads and a nose, these Siamese cats have been bred with other breeds carrying the orange gene to get their red-colored points.. Seal, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac are the four colors recognized by all the cat registries in the United States. These are also the four most widely available colors. Siamese cats are a beautiful breed of feline that originated in the ancient kingdom of Siam, which is now known as Thailand. Siamese cats have evolved into many types, differentiated by color, size, and body composition. The nine types of Siamese cat can be broken down into two major groups which split into smaller variations. Different Types of Siamese Cats. The different types of Siamese cats have distinct markings and coloration, and knowing how to tell these apart is a great skill for breeders, owners, and enthusiasts. Check out some of these amazing and beautiful animals. The Siamese has really changed looks over the last few decades.

Jun 10, 2015 – Explore Carissa Cat's board "Seal Point Siamese", followed by 383 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Seal point siamese, Siamese cats, Siamese. The Siamese is the original Seal Point cat that has become an important breed since ancient history. The Siamese cat’s Seal Point coloration was first seen in a kingdom’s royal court as they play the role of a royal feline in the kingdom of Siam (now called Thailand). Seal point Himalayan cats The Siamese is a natural breed, which means their coat pattern was the result of a genetic mutation. The Siamese has four different color variations – seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. Many other breeds have come from the Siamese, like the Oriental, the Balinese, the Tonkinese, and the Havana Brown. Seal Point

Seal Point Siamese kittens. At a young age it's difficult to tell Seal Point kittens from their Blue counterparts, although both tend to develop their point color more quickly than either Chocolate or Lilac Points. With all Siamese kittens, it can take several weeks for their points to become distinct. Seal Point: Seal points are the darkest of the dark varieties, covered by dark brown to brownish-black markings. They’re so named because their coloring is similar to that of seals! Light-Colored Siamese. Chocolate Point: As if they couldn’t get any cuter, chocolate points are a light shade of brown (like your favorite milk chocolate candy!). Siamese cats are known for their outgoing personalities. Talkative, active, and bonded to their humans, these long-celebrated felines are a coveted family member. But Siamese cats are divided into many types, dictated by color and breeding. Cross a Siamese cat with a red or orange tabby American shorthair, and you have what is known as […]

Take a look at the different types of Siamese cats available today. 1. Breed Standard. There’s actually a particular Siamese breed standard recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. It comes in four colors: seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point.

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