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This morning, Spotify has launched personalised playlists aimed at pets, as well as a new podcast just for dogs, called ‘My Dog’s Favourite Podcast’. The show is designed to keep your dog. The Pet Playlist feature is paw-fect for working dog parents, since it specifically curates songs based on your pet’s needs. (This lessens the pressure of predicting whether your pup prefers heavy metal or classical music.) All you need to do is head to the animal friendly version of Spotify.Once you select your type of pet—dog, cat, hamster, bird or iguana—the website will ask a series.

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Other nuggets that emerged from Spotify's research, and which helped drive this development: More than 40% of owners say their pets have a favorite music genre, and 25% have witnessed their pets.

Spotify podcast for pets. The rest of the process was mostly inspired by our own furry, fuzzy and scaly friends. For a more scientific playlist, please check out Mellow Meowsic, which Teie curated exclusively for Spotify. By the way, we only use the information you provide us for the purpose of creating your Pet Playlist. Pet Life Radio podcasts are available on-demand from the website, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and over 30 podcast distributors. 39 Our 24/7 live radio stream is broadcast globally to over 200 million subscribers on the Pet Life Radio home page, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, iTunes Radio, Aha. Getty. Spotify knows that even Fido appreciates a good beat. This week the Swedish audio-streaming brand announced the launch of a new podcast for dogs left home alone, and a new platform feature.

The features are aimed at comforting animals who are left at home by themselves. Listen to Let's Talk Healthy Pets with Dr. Becker on Spotify. Hello! I'm Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian. My goal is to partner with pet parents seeking to improve their pet’s overall health and vitality through wise lifestyle choices. Furthermore, Spotify even have a podcast titled “My Dog’s Favourite Podcast” which was crafted by animal experts and said to be able to h-elp alleviate the stress of pets! The podcast runs in two 5 hours stretches and features reassuring human voices saying stuff like “you’re a good boy” etc, relaxing music and ambient sounds.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. The audio streaming site has launched a range of "algorithmically curated" dedicated pet playlists for subscribers and a new podcast aimed at soothing dogs left home alone. Plus, 8 in 10 people believe their pets like music, and around 46% of people feel that music is a stress reliever for their furry friends. That being said, we created a unique experience to help you craft the pawfect algorithmically generated playlist for you and your pet to enjoy together.

The playlists are based on subscribers' own musical tastes and pet species, while the "My Dog's Favourite Podcast" has been created with animal experts to "help alleviate stress," Spotify said. You can listen to The Michelle Obama Podcast on the Spotify app starting July 29. The podcast is available to both free and premium listeners. Watch a podcast trailer on YouTube or listen to the. “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” in which the former first lady will sit down with special guests and family members alike, debuts on Spotify next week. TODAY shares a first look at the series.

Listen to The Petcast on Spotify. Love your pet? Love the Petcast! Gemma Atkinson has candid conversations with celebrity guests and some of the UK’s leading pet experts about the big issues facing pet owners across the country. Spotify has made playlists and a podcast for dogs to listen to in their owners' absence, after finding that nearly 74% of UK pet-owners play music for their animals. Spotify brings playlist, podcast for pets when they are alone; Spotify brings playlist, podcast for pets when they are alone Spotify released curated playlists for pets after it found in a survey that one in four pet-owners play music for their pets to listen to for company when they are away from home.

Emma Beddington’s dog, Oscar, listening to the new Spotify podcasts for dogs. Photograph: Emma Beddington/The Guardian Spotify said its polling suggested 76 percent of British owners believed their pets enjoyed listening to music (AFP Photo/Martin BUREAU) More London (AFP) – Online music giant Spotify on Wednesday launched a podcast for dogs left home alone in Britain, after its polling suggested most owners believe audio recordings help calm their canines. Whether you have a boring commute, a long car ride, or a tedious chore you just have to finish, some of the best podcasts can be found right on Spotify! Unlike watching TV or a movie or flipping.

Spotify has launched its personalised Pet Playlists, alongside a podcast exclusively for dogs called ‘My Dog’s Favourite Podcast’, designed to keep your dog company while you’re out! With nearly three-quarters of UK pet owners claiming audio helps soothe and calm their pets at home, Spotify’s new Pet Playlists provides users with a curated playlist based […]

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