Syrian Hamster Colors And Markings

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Syrian (golden, teddy bear) hamsters. This particular species is available in dozens of colors, including black, albino, cream, gray, lilac, cinnamon and yellow. In addition to the solid colors available, there are several patterns available, as well. The three most common patterns are banded, spotted and tortoiseshell. This is the wild color without any mutations. Agouti colors have multiple bands of color on each hair and a more distinct dorsal stripe and side markings. Self colors have a single color on each hair with the belly color generally matching the color on the rest of the hamster’s body.

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The Syrian hamster has the greatest variety in colours, basically because it has been bred for much longer than the other species, and therefore there has been more time for mutations to occur. Syrian Colours, Coats and Patterns. Syrian Coat Types. Hair Length: Syrian hamsters can have either short hair or long hair. The long hair gene is.

Syrian hamster colors and markings. Syrian hamster size and body shape. The Syrian hamster is the largest hamster available as a pet. He can grow to be 13-18 cm/5-7 inch long, though some hamsters have grown bigger than that. They’re also the heaviest hamster, ranging between 100-200 gr/3.5 -7 oz, some of them going a bit over that. Colours of the Syrian hamster can be described in three ways: as "self", "agouti" or "combinations". Self colours are a consistent coat colour with the same colour topcoat and undercoat. Agouti hamsters have a different, lighter undercoat and markings around the eyes. Combinations are produced when two (or more) self or agouti colours are present. The Golden Hamster is the traditional Syrian breed of hamster. The name is not that of a unique breed but rather it comes from the deep golden brown coat of the hamster. In the wild, Syrian or Golden hamsters have this same appearance; a golden brown body with a white belly and chest.Like all larger breeds of hamster, the Golden does best when.

Gallery of Hamster Colors First of all, all of our hamsters are Syrian hamsters – no matter what fur length or what color. Names such as teddy bear hamsters, black bear hamsters, panda bear hamsters etc. were just invented by pet stores for advertising . Domestic Syrian hamsters may be solid white, black or red, pied with white patches, or dilute shades of blue and grey. Attempts have been made to create a hamster with perfect panda markings, but it appears to be genetically tricky to produce the white face along with the solid black portions. Syrian hamster colors and patterns. Each species of hamster has its own coat colors, textures and patterns, but it is the Syrian hamster that has the greatest variety. This is because it has been bred for much longer, and therefore has the greatest number of mutations. These include: (1) Different coat types

Syrian Hamster Colors These hamsters may sometimes be called golden hamsters, but they actually come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. Some of them may be solid colored, but others can have all sorts of interesting markings. About. Design your own cartoon pets using our one of a kind pet avatar maker!. Share your creations online, or add them to all sorts of customizable merchandise. Create unique, personalized gifts for pet lovers, or just treat yourself and your pet! Syrian hamster colors. Let’s start off with the most common species of hamster, the Syrian hamster. These hamsters were first found in (surprise) Syria in the 1930s, and then soon after made their way further west.. a result of genes that code just for white markings on a hamster coat. This is an important point regarding the complexity of.

A cream-colored long-hair pet Syrian hamster | Photo by Bluerasberry. They are around 5.5 inches long, with the females being larger in size than the males. Syrians are stocky, with large eyes, tulip shaped ears, and a very short tail. The color of the wild Syrian hamster in golden brown ticked with black on the upper two-thirds of its body. Hamster Colors Syrian hamsters come in a wide range of colors and patterns . The original color was known as golden, but they are now bred in all solid colors and designer shades and patterns such as the black-and-white panda bear, the solid-black black bear, the white polar bear, the tan honey bear and the black-spotted Dalmatian. Syrian Hamster Colors and Coats. The Syrian hamster is commonly called Golden Hamster, referring to the wild colour. But over the years, a number of mutations appeared and now you can find a wide range of colours and coat types, some being common and other rare. Some have been standardized by clubs for show purposes.

The Syrian hamster is also most commonly know as the golden hamster as this is the original 'wild' colour. However, over the years many different colours, coat lengths, patterns and coat types have now developed due to mutations. Here I have listed a wide variety of the colours/coats that are around today although it is not possible to list. It was described in an article titled Dark Grey and Lethal Grey – Two New Coat Color Mutations in the Syrian Hamster which appeared in the Journal of Heredity Volume 58, pages 295-296, 1967 by Nixon and Connelly. Dark Gray Syrian Hamsters were unconfirmed within the U.S. Hamster Fancy until two were imported from Sweden in the spring of 2003. The species Mesocricetus Auratus is frequently referred to as either the Golden or the Syrian hamster. Syrian is perhaps a term that is clearer since “Golden” is also used as a description of one of the Syrian’s various coat colors (often referred to as the “natural” or “wild” coat color).

Again, the Syrian hamster will need a much larger wheel size than Dwarves. 7 inches/18 cm are the minimum for an exercise wheel for a Syrian hamster. While 5 inches/13 cm are enough for a Dwarf, but that’s only the minimum. All hamsters go for a larger wheel if given the option. So like with the cage, get your hamster a large wheel. Agouti means that the hamster has the original wild markings, that is the coat is a darker colour at the roots (undercolour) than on the top, the belly is off-white and the hamster has darker cheekflashes which extend from the bottom of the jaw up towards the ear with off-white crescents behind. A longhair hamster, sometimes know as the teddy bear hamster, may grow a coat that may be up to 4 inches (10 cm) long. For the most part, only the males grow long coats. The satin or bald coat hamster possesses a glossy coat. Other types of Syrian hamster include the shorthair and the rex, which is known for its wavy pattern of hair.

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