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The golden or Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) is a rodent belonging to the hamster subfamily, Cricetinae. Their natural geographical range is limited to arid areas of northern Syria and southern Turkey.Their numbers have been declining in the wild due to a loss of habitat from agriculture and deliberate elimination by humans. Thus, wild golden hamsters are now considered vulnerable by. Syrian hamster – colours and patterns Thanks to advance breeding techniques and practices, Syrian hamsters now come in a variety of coat types, patterns and colours! Coat Types: Short haired, long haired, rex coated, satin coated. Patterns: Banded, Dominant spot, Tortoiseshell (bi-colour), Calico (tri-colour), roan. Colours: Normal (golden), cream, cinnamon, sable, yellow, yellow black.

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Syrian hamster colors pictures. The 'original' colour of the Syrian Hamster in the wild is golden brown with an ivory belly, dark cheek flashes and ivory crescents. Occasionally a mutation occurs resulting in a new colour. In the wild these mutations may not survive but in captivity such hamsters are kept and bred from in order to maintain the mutation. The species Mesocricetus Auratus is frequently referred to as either the Golden or the Syrian hamster. Syrian is perhaps a term that is clearer since “Golden” is also used as a description of one of the Syrian’s various coat colors (often referred to as the “natural” or “wild” coat color). Here, you’ll find an overview of the 10 most popular kinds of hamster, as well as their characteristics and colorings.. Such as the Syrian hamster, the Roborovski dwarf hamster, the Chinese hamster, the winter white hamster and the teddy hamster.. In these factsheets, we’ll show you lots of photos, explain the differences between various types of hamster and give you tips around caring for.

To breed Syrian hamsters, start by getting an unrelated male and female hamster and keeping them in separate cages. After about a week, move the cages next to each other so the hamsters start to get acquainted. Once your female hamster is in heat, move both hamsters into a third, neutral cage together. Hamsters, Colors and Special Characteristics. Here, you’ll find an overview of the 10 most popular kinds of hamster, as well as their characteristics and colorings. Such as the Syrian hamster, the Roborovski dwarf hamster, the Chinese hamster, the winter white hamster and the teddy hamster. The Syrian hamster is a lovely little rodent that can become quite tame, friendly and affectionate. Also known as the golden hamster, the Syrian hamster is 5 to 7 inches long, and weighs between 4 and 8 ounces. Native to Syria and Turkey, wild Syrian hamsters are a golden brown color with cream or white undersides.

The Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is among the most popular choices for small pets.It's generally easy to tame, fun to watch, and fairly low-maintenance, making it a good pet for beginners.These hamsters come from arid regions of northern Syria and southern Turkey. The natural color of most Syrian hamsters is golden brown with a lighter belly. Oct 13, 2014 – Explore Irma Cunningham's board "Hamster Treats" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster, Hamster treats, Syrian hamster. Adults are fiercely territorial and will attack any other hamster they meet. Fully grown Syrian hamsters are about 13cm in length, with females being slightly larger than males. The natural colour is golden brown with pale greyish white belly. Black cheek flashes mark the jaw line and a broad, dark band runs across the chest.

Syrian hamsters must live on their own as they are territorial mammals and will start to fight with each other once they have reached maturity, which is between 8 and 12 weeks.Syrian hamsters should never be kept in pairs or groups once mature. Even smelling another adult hamster in the same house can cause some upset, so it’s always best to stick to just the one. The Turkish hamster is a type of hamster that's native to Turkey, Armenia, and several other surrounding nations. It's very closely related to the Syrian hamster, but it's more unknown and rarely kept as a pet. In the wild, the Turkish hamster population is said to be declining, but it's often still used in laboratory testing. The Golden Hamster is the traditional Syrian breed of hamster. The name is not that of a unique breed but rather it comes from the deep golden brown coat of the hamster. In the wild, Syrian or Golden hamsters have this same appearance; a golden brown body with a white belly and chest.Like all larger breeds of hamster, the Golden does best when.

Syrian hamsters can come in many different colors including, gray, black, yellow, red or a mixture of several different colors. Beige – Produced by breeding a two hamsters with the rust and dark gray genes, the beige color variety is often the smallest and less robust of the litter . You can choose up to 3 colors. Cut Out. Without Nudity. Do not include these words. Refine Search. Filters #510080 – A syrian hamster eating a peice of brocolli, hamster house and… #85414374 – Cute Syrian hamster standing on its hind legs and looking sideward.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #48373614 – Hamster (Syrian Hamster) in clay. The Syrian hamster has the greatest variety in colours, basically because it has been bred for much longer than the other species, and therefore there has been more time for mutations to occur. Syrian Colours, Coats and Patterns. Syrian Coat Types. Hair Length: Syrian hamsters can have either short hair or long hair. The long hair gene is.

A Syrian hamster with long hair is often referred to as a teddy bear hamster, due to its cute and fluffy appearance whilst a short haired Syrian hamster is known as a fancy hamster, although the names are interchangeable. Syrian Hamster Colors and Coats The Syrian hamster is commonly called Golden Hamster, referring to the wild colour. But over the years, a number of mutations appeared and now you can find a wide range of colours and coat types, some being common and other rare. Apr 10, 2015 – Explore Dóróthea Sigríður's board "Hamster colors" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hamster, Syrian hamster, Hamster care.

Hamster hair (or hamster fur) and hamster colors come in a wide variety because there are so many different species of hamsters. However, the five most popular species as pets are: the Syrian, Winter White Russian Dwarf (Djungarian), Campbell’s Russian Dwarf, Roborovski and the Chinese.

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