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While many cats live healthy, happy lives as indoor pets, there are also benefits to letting your kitten outdoors. Allowing your kitten to explore outside for the first time can be daunting, so we asked a behaviourist, a vet and another cat owner to share the practical ways that they helped their own kittens to stay secure while out and about. When can my kitten go outside? Before letting your kitten outside for the first time, he should be neutered, microchipped and should have completed his full course of vaccinations. He will also need time to settle at home and bond with his new family. During this time, you can practice a sound recall at feeding time so your kitten comes to you.

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Once your kitten is big enough to defend themselves from small predators and birds, it is safe to let them roam free outside without supervision. You might want to supervise your kitten the first few times you take them outside for peace of mind.

When to let new kitten outside. Before allowing your new kitten or cat outside, ensure it has a means of identification, either a securely fitted collar with a tag (showing your telephone number) or, ideally, a microchip identification implanted under the skin on the scruff of the neck.. Prior to any trips outside it is worth considering how you intend to give your cat or kitten access outdoors in the long-term. For most new kitten owners, having to let them outside for the first time is a pretty scary experience. Here are a few tips which will hopefully make you a bit less anxious! Before letting your new kitten outside: IMPORTANT. Ensure she/he is micro-chipped. This has to be done at the vets and means a little device the size of a grain of rice is. Leave a door slightly ajar so your kitten can come and go as she pleases. Your new arrival will soon let you know when she’s ready to explore a little further. Finally, remember not to let your kitten outside until she’s been vaccinated. Even after she’s had her jabs, it's best to keep your kitten indoors for the first two or three weeks.

The right time to let them outside. While each cat is different and some breeds mature sooner than others, I’m looking at you Maine Coon, the accepted age to introduce your kitten to the outside world is at six months old. At this time they are old enough to be able to handle themselves and should already have had their vaccinations. Q: Should I keep my kitten in a low-key, quiet environment for a while, or thrust him into our everyday life? A: Initially it’s good to bring a new kitten into one room. Put his food in there, a scratching post, his bed and let him get used to that. Then start introducing him to all the things that will be a part of his life. The first time you let your cat or kitten outside: The first few times you let your cat outside, it’s a good idea to go with them. Go outside and leave the door to the house open so that your cat is able to join you but can also quickly get back inside if they want. Take a food/toy reward out with you and sit down quietly.

Going outside is a big, new experience for your kitten. Loud noises, children or other pets can all be scary in this new environment even if your kitten is used to them inside the house. Go before dinner time. Go when you know your kitten will be getting hungry. How and When to Let Your Kitten Outside for the First Time Letting your fluffball outside can be a daunting task for first-time kitten parents. Cat Behaviourist Anita Kelsey shares her step-by-step guide to safely introducing your kitten to the great outdoors. No kitten should be allowed out untill they have been castrated or speyed, a female cat is a high risk of getting pregnant at a young age and if does get pregnant will be dangerous for mum and kittens, males kitens are at risk of getting into fights. also no kitten should be let out unless its had all vaccines and the last one is given at 12 weeks old which is 3 months its also best to have.

The outside world is an exciting place for an adventurous kitten, so it’s important to let them outside for the first time under controlled conditions. You want to be sure they won’t run off the minute they step out of the door. Introduce your kitten to the outdoors just before mealtime. If you free feed your cat, take its food away several hours before you train it to go outside. Otherwise, let it outside for the first time just before one of its scheduled feeding times. A hungry kitten will be more likely to respond when you offer a bowl of food and call it back indoors. When to let your kitten go outside. Keep your kitten safe inside until at least a week after finishing the first course of vaccinations (at 13 to 14 weeks old, depending on the vaccine). Choose a dry day and a quiet time and accompany your kitten outside, allowing them to explore their new environment.

Day one with your new kitten is very exciting, but you’ll want to be careful that you don’t overwhelm it. Let the kitten explore in the small room you have already set up, or if you didn’t have time to prepare for its arrival, set up a safe room and sit on the floor while the kitten acclimates to it. In general I suggest that new kitten owners hold off for a while on sharing the bed with their furry friend. Waiting until your kitten is more mature to snuggle him in your sleep has a number of benefits, for you and for him. Here are four good reasons to keep your kitten off the big bed — for now, at least. Choosing to let your cat outdoors or to keep her inside is often a momentous decision for new and even experienced cat owners. For those of you who share or have shared your lives and homes with a feline friend or two, you have probably already noticed that the indoor vs. outdoor debate tends to outrank in importance even such concerns as the merits of wet food vs. dry food, choosing the right.

Introducing Your New Kitten To The Outside World. Share. Tweet.. and your new kitten may not have been quite old enough when he came to live with you. Even if your kitten has had the basic vaccinations, it is also worth having him vaccinated against the Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) if he is going out of doors, as this particular virus is. NOTE: Make sure your new kitten has been tested and treated for all potential diseases, including FIV and FeLV, as well as parasites, before introducing your cats. Visit your regular veterinarian or a mobile vet clinic to make sure your new kitten is healthy, dewormed, and up-to-date on all vaccines. To wrap up, kittens are natural explorers, so letting them roam around the house is necessary for their wellness and development. However, make sure that your kitten is already litter trained and familiar with your home before allowing it to roam freely on its own. Be patient as your new kitten adjusts to its new surroundings.

Ok, so i know youre ment to take it slowly and i know i broke some of the rules but we brought the new kitten, Dax 13 weeks, home and introduced him to our other boy, Oreo 9 months – 1 year ish, about an hour after Dax arrived. We decided to do this as Dax is the coolest most laid back and…

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